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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you are unlucky enough to draw judge Bivens you might as well just refile your claim. Do not waste your time. Just look at the charts on this page and you will see she has one of the lowest approval rates while having the highest denial rate on claims. She seems totally inept. We had to explain several parts of my case multiple times to her and she still just did not seem to get it.
    She will grasp at any small thing that you say to use against you in your case. She did not allow testimony from my relatives even in written form. She even argued with the person that was there to determine whether or not there was a job for me. It was embarrassing to sit there and listen to her ignorance. Yet she is the one that determines the outcome of your case and therefore the course of your life. You would think that someone in such an important position would be more intelligent and More in tune to what is happening around her. But she is not. It’s like she goes in with the goal of getting you denied rather than actually listening to the facts of your case and making a decision. Her Mind Is Made Up When you go in there, it is your job and your attorney’s job to change her mind not to present a case and have her make a fair and intelligent decision. I really believe that she is incapable of that.

  2. Joe Dwite Guy says:

    Before my appearance I got the ALJ’s name, so figure I would look into her stats and reviews. LoL as you can read above my comment it didn’t look all that promising. But I saw a few favorable comments. Hmmm maybe there might just be a FAIR shot at justice. BRRRRR WRONG!! I am not sure how my fellow claimants court procedure went but here is mine. Not knowing what to expect I read up asked my lawyer and youtube videos. 45min an 1hr max was the common answer. 2.5 hrs it lasted and then to be gaveled with a 75day continuous( that was 97 days actually). Asked my lawyer what happened. He seemed a little stumped but said he thought it went good. Oh and the VE didn’t show so they did a call in, but never made it that far. A little info… Medical records were up to Par and diagnosis was written out and it fell in the SSD BLUE BOOK. Had a Functional Capacity Evaluation test done by the most reputable facility in Cincinnati/Dayton area- failed it most miserably. Well on the return which lasted 15min and that was with the VE and the Judges hypotheticals for work. The VE reply to all was No Jobs. Arrival of decision letter Denied. The FCE test was not considered or mentioned. She over ruled the VE of no jobs. Stated I worked after the date I had Actually stopped. She asked well why do you have an earning of $3g after. When my short term stopped and work said I had to return. But my neurosurgeon was not gonna sign a letter to return. I couldn’t walk, stand balance just to name a few obvious one. So when let go I had 4wks unused vacation and 4 sick days that got cashed in plus a flex account non used and returned. She had I stated one thing and had another job after. Lies. She asked did I drive? I can’t turn my neck one direction and I had not even had licenses they expired. Stated I drove and grocery shop. Wtf!! I never grocery shopped when I was handi-capable. Lie after Lie. So council review here I come. She kind if makes you feel like a dirt bag. Like what you doing trying to get over on me. I feel like $h!t all the time so why not. Do yourself a favor. Look at her Southern approval rating Vs. her Northern approval rating

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