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  1. Jeremiah V Middleton says:

    Haven’t gotten my decision yet but from what I heard was a very understanding man considers everyone opinion in the hearing very polite but overall all a genuine person that will judge rightiouly thanks for ur understanding

  2. Grateful, Thankful says:

    Finally someone who understands, What my child has been going through, to be only 12 years old, and have so many illnesses, that has constantly been denied, and had to get a?Lawyer to help me fight for Approval, All I can say is Thank You, but the journey is not over, so as I continue to Advocate for my child, a little stress has been released.

  3. Richard Goodson says:

    Judge Gilbert isn’t fair. He sides with the States Experts. If you have a diagnosed severe impairment and take prescription and are p/t veteran. Gilbert looks at it but it doesn’t weigh because he doesn’t know what a Marine is nor has he ever served his country. I went in the Marines well but not our. Gilbert is a liberal Biden pos!! MAGA

  4. B. Herrera says:

    I was told that my Judge would be Richard A. Gilbert and that “He is fair”…. I found this to be true. Thank you Judge Gilbert…

  5. Ambrun Moore says:

    Very nice judge and truely compassionate

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Judge Gilbert
    He was a very knowledgeble Judge and very understanding

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