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  1. Mike says:

    I agree with the comments here. Judge Oullette is a bias and unfair judge. I also won a appeal with a favorable decision, but had to go back to his court room. He was upset and off record stated things. He denied my case and this time took out of context and rewritten incomplete statements from my medical reports to serve his denial objectives. Also has discredited my doctors. He ignored again and dismissed my medical condition and medications that I take. My doctors are reputable with good credential. Having problems appealing because of his prejudice & bias decision. Something should be done to find justice to the disable. Will taken it to upper courts.

  2. disable person says:

    Judge R. Oullete is not a fair judge. He denies everyone. He was upset when I won that first appeal that my case was reverse & sent back to his court room. He stated things off record (wonder if he has done this to anyone else) stating if he had all medical reports his decision would of been different. The situation is he did have them all. Still denied my case and wrote his statement in a way that if I appeal this case again it would be unfavorable. He took little bits of my medical record just enough to confuse the appellate judges & omitted parts that would prove my disability, so that appellate judges will not reverse his decision. There is no Justice here even if there is evidence supporting my disability…. He has discredit prestige doctors whose backgrounds and experience should of been taken into consideration. Judge R. Oullete for my understanding has a one track mind in a denial records no matter if the person is disable in wheel chair unable to do anything as well if there’s medical record stating your disable.

  3. Eric Scott says:

    Judge Ouellette is a mostly fair Judge but very judgmental on appearance, He calls it as he see’s it. I lost with him when I should have won but I blame my atty for not presenting the evidence. I didn’t like that he stated that I attempted to join the Marine Corps but was “Unsuccessful”. He did not have enough information on my military history to make that biased assumption and it had nothing to do with a dicission on my disability, it did not need to be said. I did my active duty enlistment almost complete and in the infantry at that, I got an “Honorable Discharge with Medical Conditions” when I attempted to re-enlist 3 years into my contract of a 3 year enlistment.

  4. Jae says:

    Excellent Judge very fair.

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