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  1. Anonymous says:

    He denied my case from the end of April. Received a decision end of June. Smh! Reasons cited were very basic like you have a driver’s license, you have a kid that you birthed. All things prior to my actual onset date. As a single mother who else is supposed to take care of her. It unfortunate he sucks!

  2. Sunny V. says:

    Update: I’m over the moon with excitement. Judge Furcolo determined a fully favorable ruling. As I said previously, its good to form your own opinion based on your experience. I was quite pleased before knowing my fate, and I am even more pleased that the Judge understood and agreed with my appeal. Good luck to everyone else who has been waiting..hold on a while longer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing at the end of April 2021. I agree he seemed patient calm spoken and generally good disposition. Very true have your ducks in a row. He did extend time for my representative to add additional exhibits to my file after the hearing. Thats the good. His approval ratings are not good but I ask god to soften his heart. Looks like hes new to D.C. and did better approving in 2020 then he did in 2019. Lets hope that trend continues. This was my last hope. I will be sure to follow back up on this site.

  4. Sunny V says:

    Reading these reviews really made me nervous. However, Judge Furcolo is very patient, asked great questions of the vocational specialist, and was funny at times. The vocational specialist indicated I couldn’t do vocational work or my previous job due to my illnesses. I haven’t received a decision but I recommend forming your own opinion about the judge and be prepared.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a monster!!! He has no heart. I have been out or work for so many years due to my illness. My case was well prepared and I still got denied. I wonder what happens when he gets sick. Will he remember all the disabled he denied?

  6. Janet Jones says:

    I am nervous and I am scared, have been in front of this man before and denied by him twice.I was very deeply disappointed by the entire process, my attorney failed me so I have a new attorney and have just received the paper work that I’m to appear in front of him again. My family tells me to stay strong but I am so very tired and my health is so very much worse.Not to mention that I have worked and paid into what I consider my money and for whomever reads this: I have been fighting for my disability benefits for 11 years. I just pray to God my fight is coming to an end.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if he would treat his sick daughter, wife or even mother the way he does some. I don’t agree with the only posts I see, of course all the positive ones, where are the real ones, you know, life of lifes terms.

  8. Tammra Biggers says:

    Judge Furcolo is a very kind and considerate man. He is very patient and caring. He takes his time with you and your lawyer. Have all your paperwork in order, have notes of your disabilities and any medications you are on to make it easier for everyone involved. He does not make you feel like lesser of a person for filling for disability. He has great questions for the vocational representative also.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Judge Furcolo not only is a fair and patient judge, but also very professional. He did everything he could to make me comfortable. He was very respectful. If your going before this judge, make sure all your ducklings are marching in a row, and things will go smoothly.

  10. Dawn Jones says:

    A very nice man. Very respectable, patient, and caring. Please stand up when he enters the room. He deserves this and likes it.

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