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  1. J says:

    I think he is a very nice and polite judge … but I know I wouldn’t have been really listened to without the help of my awesome and fierce attorney and with all the right doctors with the right test for this judge to finally realize I do have a major problem.
    If you want to get this judges attention your going to need a lot of proof of your disability also with and my attorneys assistance.

  2. Lynn Murphy says:

    My neuro oncologist and other Dr’s say I have a terminal diagnosis for a brain cancer (bran biopsy, MRI etc). Geib says that they are wrong and he diagnosed me with a different, curable cancer. And so denied my claim. I wish he were right and the MD’s wrong, but I doubt it. He should not be making decisions that he fabricates out of thin air

  3. S. Justice says:

    I don’t know if he didn’t take the time to read or didn’t listen to the testimony. He was 8 months off on my disability date even though he wrote it on the first page. He didn’t listen to two top doctors in their field. He was three years off on my age to the younger side. He thinks that more than 15 days of migraines equates to minor headaches. The fibromyalgia didn’t warrant disability. Having 4 rounds of antibiotics in so many months with chronic sinus infections. Three surgeries and a week in the hospital. Add to that several other issues on top that make life very difficult. I hope that he or his family never needs to apply for disability and get overlooked. I am very disappointed even more so in the covid-19 environment where someone with health issues and active infections have no possibility to go out and work. I lost my marriage and my house, but yet I apparently made enough to make for insurance. His grasp on reality is definitely warped. Thank you not hearing my lawyer, the functional expert, the doctors or myself.

  4. Lisa says:

    I had my hearing yesterday 8/13/19 with ALI Richard Geib. Very nervous and scared. Judge Geib is
    very nice, listened to what I was saying. I left feeling optimistic and felt the hearing went well. I have nothing negative to say to say about Judge Geib.

  5. JM says:

    Discrimination sexual orientation, height, and disability, and spouses income. How can a judge use doctors and a vocational that never met with me or spoke with me, or that I got to research? When a judge disregards two doctors who confirmed disabilities, doesn’t listen to applicant, looked repulsed when he learned I wasn’t straight, Hearing was over before it started. A judge using the same doctors and vocational experts over and over yet those people never evaluate applicants one on one is bias and discrimination. How much money do these doctors and vocational experts make from SSA-SSD each year? They have a vested interest in keeping their income coming in. The fact that law firms don’t have to disclose the number of times they are in front of the same judges and what the statistics are for outcomes of hearings also raises questions. Only and handful of lawyers-firms in any market and only so many ADR Judges, conflict of interest? This hurts innocent people who really are disabled and need benefits.

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