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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Horowitz was a very caring judge and made me feel very comfortable and was attentive and understanding of my pain!!!

  2. Ben Weisenfeld says:

    My wife saw judge Horowitz & felt that the interview went well, and that he seemed sympathetic to her pain and mobility issues. When the decision came back denied, the report showed that he had a poor understanding of her case and was clearly not so sympathetic. He painted her as a malingerer (“Why is she using a walker when I see no script for one?” he asked, despite the fact that you don’t need a script for a walker & I guess a self sufficient e.r. nurse who tries to handle things on her own gets a black mark against her for it.) and openly asked (rhetorically) on paper why she wasn’t taking narcotic pain meds if her pain was so bad. The record clearly states that she has an allergy to opiates, so his reading comprehension is not so hot. If he actually wondered about it, why didn’t he ask her himself, or maybe read the record. I think we need a better lawyer & a different judge before we go back for a second round of ‘Let’s add insult to injury in the Federal Disability Court.’ I give him 1 star for being kind to my wife to her face, but he loses 4 for poor reading comprehension, poor decision making, and backstabbing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a very good judge he takes his time and make sure that when he make a decision on your case he does it right and correct I would recommend anyone that goes in front of him that the wait is well worth it

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