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  1. The Dr has no input as far as symtoms causes the claimant files and has knowledge of who what and how it’s effecting them requiring Medical assistance and how the matters are. Causing a significant effect on health and mental well-being

    I told kallsnick that media convergence had used me exploiting me and slander or polling the cast audience was a kangaroo court of cruel unusual punishment isolation and research not authorized and warrantless

    The exposure made my depression andADHD a real diagnosis when I was generally okay before I had enough evidence to provide. For a civil suit..

    I mow have the manuals to prove my case.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge has a very pleasant demeanor. Does want documented opinion on RFC from treating Dr and wants a copy to give to VE (very few ALJs request this and now that we don’t know the ALJ until the day of the hearing it’s hard to anticipate this). Wants documentation on any income after onset. He really appreciates narrative reports from treating physicians.

  3. Micheal says:

    Very kind and understanding judge. Get residual functional
    Capacity forms for mental and medical health. You can get free rfc forms on google.
    This judge gives a lot of weight to treating physicians opinions.
    I felt he was thorough and kind. Also he was not concerned that I was drawing unemployment and applying for ssdi

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