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  1. Kori says:

    I know that Judges need to be cautious and need to question every case that comes before them, but this guy is cruel. He denied my case saying my doctors reports were “insufficient” . They wrote letters specifically saying this girl cannot work form this date to this date. He called their reports “unpersuasive” and “exaggerated” He took in to account one report and that was from a state doctor who did a non physical functionality report. So a doctor who has never met me. Knows nothing about me and has only half of the evidence in front of them. Figures. I am appealing this to the appeals council.

  2. Gina says:

    I just had my hearing with him. He seemed kind of harsh, but I’m assuming all of them are like that because some people try to cheat the system. In my case I’m really sick. I wish I could go back to work because I hate the life I have now. I hope I get awarded in my favor

  3. Nori says:

    I have all kinds of Epilepsy. I have not been able to work. I have a court hearing with Mr, Breens at the end of the month. I am so scared he will deny my case. I will not know what to do of that happens.

  4. Ericka says:

    This Judge is a real joke I really feel sorry for who has him because he is terrible I am looking into filing a law suit against him for Discrimination he will wish he didn’t deny my case he was very rude and talk over you I am under so much meds it hard to speak and he was rushing me I bet karma will come for him soon. If you have him watch out be aware he is Racist.

  5. Sharon says:

    Optic nerve was not a correct reference. The eyes are tricky. I had a bleed one time which was very scary. I was parked in my car and all of a sudden it looked like there was a lot of mud thrown on the windshield. Luckily, I stayed calm. I closed one eye — sheer darkness was what I saw. Then I closed the other eye. What happened was I had a bleed in my eye. Bleeds can happen. Scary. After a day, the darkness in that affected eye cleared up. You see, I know Judge Richard Breen is only human. With me, he did make a mistake. Maybe I appeared too well when he saw me. I don’t know. I did and do deserve Disability. For 20 years, I really had no adverse side effects from the Diabetes. I was very lucky. It was in the 22nd year of my working that I realized my working with my form of Diabetes was killing me. After 24 years of working as a nurse, I quit my job FOR my dad. He really saved my life. I called him my hero. Funny, at the end of his life, he called me HIS hero. I have been told that receiving Disability is like playing a game. If you do not know the rules, you lose. As bizarre as this may sound, I was told that statement by one of the officers who worked in the Disability office. Judge Breen has no idea of my daily life. He doesn’t realize that my disease is progressive — meaning it gets worse with time. I am typing with painful and numb fingers, I already had a blood sugar reaction which required me to lie down. If I L I V E until I am 61, and I am eligible for my Social Security, that is if the age doesn’t increase, I will take it. What I need to do is write a screenplay, act in the movie and become wealthy!!! Hey, it could happen. Live life. Do as many good deeds as you can. Compliment people every day to make people smile and don’t sweat the small stuff. Thank you for your prayers. You have my prayers too.

  6. Sharon says:

    Dear Dawn,
    I wish Judge Breen renders you a positive verdict. He impressed me as a nice and understanding man when I saw him too. It was only after I saw his verdict did I get mad. I wrote letters which I personally brought in to the office for him to read. Two of the young ladies who read my letters were very sympathetic. Do you think Judge Breen read my letters? Who knows? When I called Dr. Antoine Trammell in Atlanta to talk with him about my situation, he WAS VERY rude to me and told me if I ever called him again, he will call the authorities on me. This doctor is employed by the Social Security Board to give his “expert Medical opinion.” He was going to call the authorities on me? What did I do to him? Dawn, the system IS indeed flawed. If I could work, I would work. Believe me, working would be much easier than worrying about every penny I spend. My mother used to tell me, “Save, Save, Save.” Thank goodness, I did. I have already cashed out two of my retirements and am working on my third one. I live like a pauper. When Judge Breen met me, I was not working. My father was EMOTIONALLY distraught after my mother died. What got me to stop working nine months after my mom died was a statement my father made. He started realizing how sick I was when and after I worked. My father and my sister noticed after my shifts, I would have to take “coma days” — that is I would have to be in bed for two or three days to recover from the shift. I arranged my schedule so my coworkers did not know that I was indeed sicker than most of our patients. Back to my dad’s comment. My brother died when he was 7. My father told me he did not want to bury another child. He was looking right at me. I took off work to help him deal with being alone. Unfortunately, being a companion to my dad did not come with a paycheck. I told this to Judge Breen. I also told him that if I had to hire someone like me to help my dad, I would fire myself time and time again. I waited four years to sit before Judge Breen for my hearing. I did have a lawyer with me. She met me that day of the hearing. She was in disbelief about the whole situation too. I was not lying about my disability. I do not lie. A year and a half later after Judge Breen denied me, my dad really got sick. He had surgery and the doctors sent him home on Hospice to die. I was once again “employed” without a paycheck. I was picking him up and putting him in and out of a wheelchair for 6 months. I did work 24/7 for 6 months. That was the longest nursing shift I have ever had. I never had back problems before; now, I do. Taking care of my dad was an honor, a privilege and a pleasure. Honestly, there were times when I didn’t know who would die first — him or me. Well, because you are reading this, you know I am still around. I am still living off my savings. I do know that if I did get another job(s), I probably would be fired time and time again because I would expect my employer to want a well, healthy person in his or her employ. I had to get a sight-saving operation on my eye before I left work. I could easily lose my sight. But … Dr. Trammell says I just need a good pair of eye glasses to help me see. No, Dr. Trammell, lights out can happen anytime for me. Glasses will not repair my optic nerve. Blindness will be a definite life changer for me. Working for me would cause me to lose my sight sooner than later. Like I said before, life is not fair. Judges do not make the right calls sometimes. Judge Breen is NOT GOD. I do have to forgive Judge Richard Breen for making the wrong judgment for me. I hope for you, he will make the right decision. I will, one day, be correctly JUDGED. And … when I am JUDGED by THE REAL JUDGE, I hope that Judge will be proud of me and reward me with DISABILITY!!! No more worries!!! Have a good day.
    Dawn, thanks for caring.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I just want to state that I just had a hearing with Judge Breen. Never, judge a person according to what others say and think. I was told that he was rude, that he would not allow me to speak and much more negative BS. I was so scared to attend my hearing it wasnt funny. And he was not anything I was told. He was polite to me and was very fair. Sharon as I read your comments and you are blaming the judge for the status of your living arrangements. Thats not what disability is about and the judges have to follow the rules and laws. I understand that you say you have worked hard and you deserve S.S. But I dont believe that the judges go to work thinking they are God and whos lifes they are going to ruin by not approving cases. I can only go by your comment but you say it yourself you worked for years with the disability you stated. and you sound more like your mad because you werent approved for rent reasons. Personally I too have worked many years as a caregiver and I would do anything to be able to lift others again. I feel your pain but you cant not belittle the judge and think that he is only out to hurt people. And I dont advise anyone to be scanless and lie to the system as you had a remark to. I wish you the best, and I will pray for your future and I will pray that you over come your health issues. Take Care Dawn

  8. Sharon says:

    Last night, I realized something. I will not be homeless. With a week left in my apartment, I will stop taking my insulin. Situation solved. You see, Judge Richard Breen, your judgment WAS clearly wrong about me. You obviously do not care. You might have sent some people to the streets but you will not send me there. Have a good life knowing that you made the wrong judgment about someone like me who has taken care of so many people in her life. I have helped people. I am proud of myself. I do not understand why you are so powerful in this country and are able to hurt people. I just hope you do not have children who might one day emulate your lack of compassion to others. I hope if you ever need a nurse, you will have one like me taking care of you. My dad was lucky.

  9. Sharon says:

    As I was walking today, I saw homeless people on the sidewalk. I hope one day NOT to know how it is to be homeless. One day, I might know exactly how it is to be homeless. Does Judge Breen know what it is to be homeless? Does he care? Really, does he care about anybody else besides himself? Disability would have sincerely helped me in my housing situation. I worked 24 years as a professional nurse and paid into Social Security since I was 12 years old working odd jobs. I enjoyed working!!!
    I have found out that unless you know how to work the system, you lose.

    Judge Richard Breen, we, people suffering disabilities, are not playing a game here; we are just trying to live our lives. Well, I just don’t get it. I have not worked for 6 years because working routinely for me would essentially be a suicide mission.

    You work to live. You do not work to die.

    I waited for 4 years to sit in his room. Dr. Trammell convinced the Judge I could work and that probably I was lying about my situation. With a smile on his face, Judge Breen told me, “Don’t worry, the doctor does not make the decision regarding your disability; I do.”

    Judge Richard Breen, you made the WRONG decision.

    Does anybody with a heart read these comments?

    If you were hurt by Judge Breen, I feel your pain. Life would be more just if Judge Richard Breen felt our pain. Maybe if he were a nice guy and had empathy for others, he would step down from being a judge and realize he is not GOD.

    Life is NOT fair, huh?

  10. Sharon says:

    Does he think he is GOD? My case should have been approved but was denied because of Richard Breen’s judgment. I am living off my savings. Thank goodness I still have some. I worked for 24 years as a nurse. When I started my job at UCLA 30 years ago, I was given a Rubella vaccine because my Rubella titer was absent. I got the dreaded side effect of the Rubella vaccine which is DIABETES TYPE 1 — the type children get. I was 22 years old — not a child. I worked with this disease for 24 years. The disease is progressive. My kind of Diabetes is not as kind as other people’s Diabetes. After all, my diabetes was contracted because of chemical poisoning — the vaccine. I cannot work a regular job. Sometimes I cannot even get out of bed until very late in the evening. Judge Richard Breen had this doctor, Dr. Antoine Trammell from Atlanta, advise him on my case. Together, they are a destructive team. This doctor had no idea about the life I was living then. That was 2 years ago. I did try to fight his judgment. I spent $400 for my case to be reevaluated. Waste of money. Now, my life has gotten worse. I wonder when I should reapply for disability because, with my luck, I might be assigned Richard Breen again as the judge who hears my case. He is the judge who denies the most cases. See above stats. Is he given a bonus for destroying people’s lives by not giving them their disability when they really deserve it? Because of Judges like him, people who have paid into the system, who have worked tirelessly to improve society, I can assume could REALLY become homeless. He sits on a bench. Nurses, at least the kind of nurse I was, do not sit. Our jobs help people live their lives. Maybe a long time ago, he helped people. Now, he is obviously just helping himself. He needs to be retired for the benefit of people everywhere. Allow him a good life in retirement land where he STOPS hurting others.
    Thank you.

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