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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Gordan in 2006 recognized the severity of my injury that developed further to painful arthritic conditions and render a decision of “partial disability.” Although no money was drawn from SS disability, this Judge was real in his evaluation by acknowledging how conditions will disable the bodies of people.
    I recovered enough and with the help of compression footwear I sought work.

    After the year of 2010, I was employed with Amazon. After 3.5 years working my shift, severe conditions suddenly occurred. Those conditions forced me to give notice and leave work in 2017 (when the Texas Hurricane happened). The diagnosis was plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and tarsal tunnel syndrome that is directly thought of the foot area but my exhausting pain also involved my lower back. Unaware of what I would face when addressing these newly developed conditions of this isolated employment, my address began with SS disability, doctors, Employment Disability benefit, various and numerous attornies . All of which treated my conditions with a minor and standard role. At the closing of those grouped meetings, I remained, after two years from onset of injuries, with the SAME PAIN with any attempt to return to normal activity and exertions that would ultimately mean to lessen any physical activity. My efforts in addressing these injuries WERE ONLY FUTILE because of the responses I was receiving…because the life-changing injury of pain WAS REAL AND CONSTANT to my employment.
    I was told my injuries were not crippling or “disabling enough!!!” Injuries preventing work productivity do not have to fit a “slide rule” to be disabling it only has to be disabling! And that these conditions would not be ruled as a disability!

    Because Judge Richard W. Gordan listened and was a real hearer I regret that he retired in 2012.
    I strongly believe he would have seen my addresses and claims for the true circumstance it was and not an opportunity to compare my condition with other prior accepted disability cases. His qualifying a person with disability was:
    If it prevented my from doing any substantial gainful work…YES it did!
    Has lasted 12 straight months….YES it did (2 years counting)!
    And the work history of the shift before my injury, my productivity then vs. abilities afterwards.

    We lose people that are set in place to represent us, and those replacing the retired or changing of offices will not be the same. I submit, people have lost an honest ear to the administrative law of understanding disabilities incurred.
    Chattanooga, TN

  2. a judge says:

    Judge Gordon retired in December 2012

  3. Wasnt Me says:

    I think he was absolutely fair.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A brilliant man and a wonderful humanitarian. My son Timmy was able to get new crutches because of him.

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