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  1. Diane says:

    I had my hearing this past jan and yes he was hard but look at the job he’s doing theres a lot of people out there that scam the system and it’s his job to see that.
    I thought he was fair.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another lawyer says Riley J Atkins (himself a jew) is a racist. Go to this letter

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a black man and applied for disability. Alan Graf was my lawyer. It was obvious Riley Atkins is a racist. Even the lawyer said he was a racist. Riley Atkins demeaned me all through the hearing.

    Riley Atkins said, “I heard that you were hooked on drugs.” I said, “Somebody lied to you and that somebody isn’t here.”

    The look on Riley Atkins’ face told me everything-he looked at me as if I was a lesser person. Like I was an farm animal, that’s the way Riley Atkins made me feel as a black man. He looked at me like I was a gorilla.

    Atkins looked down on me and demeaned me as if I was an animal. The tone of his voice-it was like being on a plantation with a guy with a whip on me. Except Riley Atkins didn’t have a whip.

    His tone of voice was like he thought I was nuts. I thought he was supposed to be a judge but he attacked me, he didn’t ask one question about my condition, he just attacked me.

    The lawyer Alan Graf said, ‘you don’t have a chance because Riley Atkins is a racist.’ Graf didn’t think that Atkins was a racist; he KNEW he was a racist. Graf said, “This is one of the worse, one of the most racists judge that they got. He turns down African-Americans like they were nothing.”

    Alan Graf did NOTHING for me. He just sat there and allowed Riley Atkins to demean me and rip me to pieces just for being a black man in America.

    Graf was scared of Atkins. He didn’t have any power of the case. This was not a fair hearing. The higher court sent the case back to Atkins but then he just found something else to deny me my benefits.

    Atkins took from 1994 to 2006 to make a decision. I am now 100% VA disabled but Judge Riley Atkins wouldn’t find that I was eligible for SSD. I am now on SSi.

    Atkins stretched out the case for ten years and then disapproved me for that very reason that he said didn’t matter in the first hearing. Atkins just stretched it out as long as he could, kept searching and searching to find a reason to deny me my disability benefits just because I am a black man in America.

    Milton Manning
    Denied by Riley Atkins for Social Security Disability but found to be 100% disabled by Department of Veterans Affairs

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