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  1. Julie O. says:

    I had my hearing yesterday with Judge Evans. He was very kind and made sure I was comfortable at the start of the hearing. He obviously had read thru the documentation I had provided as his questions were relevant to my work history specifically.
    After answering his questions honestly, and asking a few of my own questions, he stated he didn’t need any further info. Then he shocked my totally by stating he was making his decision immediately. He found in my favor.
    Overall, giving that I was terrified and extremely nervous and I had no attorney representing me, Judge Evans was kind, attentive, and patient with my questions. He is a “class act”.
    Thank you your Honor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have my hearing today 09/02/2015 JUDGE was very nice thank you your honor

  3. john r brown 2 says:

    my name is john r brown 2. although i was in a state of complete pannic this judge was nice to me and seemed to understand my position. Whether i am approved or not i appreciat his patience with me. ive been waiting a long time to be approved for a real authentic case of true disability and thank the court for their help and support. john r brown 2nd.

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