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  1. John Doe says:

    I add to the negative reviews here. I actually secured an attorney to see if charges can be brought up against Robert A. Kelly Administrative Law Judge for Social Security cases. He failed to accept evidence of my medical records and disabilities. Not only did he overlook these things; but he also committed libel, slander and character defamation. I pray you do not get him as an ALJ in your case.

  2. Shay Towns says:

    High denial rate! Be a more understanding! Be willing to listen, look at providing and approving evidence and just approve when it should be! Don’t add more stress and anxiety to claimants! Soften your heart!

  3. ken wines says:

    Don’t know how much evidence one will need for this guy to approve you! Rather not deal with this guy!

  4. Jason William Staiert says:

    It is disheartening to know that a Administrative Judge as accidentally or deliberately incompetent as Robert A. Kelly is allowed to serve in that capacity. My justification for this opinion is backed by the following facts of my case:
    1) Mr. Kelly ignored testimony by a vocational expert employed by the SSA that would require a ruling in my favor according to 20 CFR Part 404.1520 (g).
    2) Mr. Kelly ignored evidence that supports a disabled status determination according to 20 CFR Part 404, Subpart P, Appendix 1.
    3) Mr. Kelly ignored reputable medical test results, and claimed there were none.
    4) Mr. Kelly ignored diagnoses by a reputable medical specialist, and substituted his own.
    5) Mr. Kelly didn’t bother to learn my case and personal history and drew erroneous conclusions as a result.
    6) Mr. Kelly used a personal interpretation of SSA rules to omit material that was submitted on time and that would have further supported my case.
    Avoid a hearing by Mr. Kelly if you can.

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