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  1. Marcus says:

    Judge Baker needs to be removed from the bench. This man subtly suggested in his write up, I can work as a landscaper. I am of Hispanic decent. He also rejected a 3rd party form written out solely for the purpose of family & friends. The reason? Said individual is not a medical expert. Neither is Judge Baker. By his actions I truly believe this judge was put into place from either nepotism or a college frat buddy. Judge Baker doesn’t have the wherewithal to handle real trials, so was given a second place trophy as a disability judge.

  2. Vi says:

    From the one time he was assigned to my case, I began to see why Social Security appointed therapists/psychiatrists said Social Security doesn’t take mental health cases seriously. Pure, “if you haven’t murdered someone, don’t carry yourself like a homeless person, know how to read/write/math and aren’t curled up in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth, then nothing’s wrong with you” kind of authority.

  3. Jimy says:

    The judge baker is the best in miami odar office he aprove my case quikly

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