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  1. Chenry says:

    I applied for disability I’m 2020 and I finally had my hearing yesterday, I felt a sense of calm as he was nice and made you feel comfortable. I appreciated the questions he asked me, he made me feel like he had reviewed my file already. He was very nice! I’m grateful for my outcome.

  2. Melissa says:

    Judge Ballieu was extremely nice and put me at ease right away. My hearing was over the phone, and even over the phone there was a sense of calm. The hearing was only about ten minutes, and he fully approved me on the spot. He actually took the time to read my conditions and consider that you can’t see day to day pains on paper, and there is more than just what is written down to consider. I am so very lucky to have had such a kind considerate judge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting on a decision but he seemed very fair and understanding. He seems to really care about the cases he hears and that they are run smoothly and fair. He really listens and tries to think of what a day in your life is like. One of the best judges I’ve had so far in dealing with social security in Tampa.

  4. Rhonda Adams says:

    I went before Judge Robert Ballieu in the early part of December. I am prone to horrific panic attacks and the moment I stepped into the courtroom I had a sense of calmness come about me. I believe it was from his initial demeanor, his professionalism, politeness and smile. He was not confrontational or belittling. He is there to listen to the facts and medical evidence of the case and make an informed decision based on what’s presented to him. I was still nervous, scared and in tremendous pain, but I was Blessed To have had him as a judge. I’m not sure how my case will go. We were in there for an hour which was a bit debilitating for me, but I wish I could have gone over every detail about me and what my health conditions were and how each one affected me in various situations throughout each day. My memory is horrible and I barely remember what took place other than he made me feel like a human and comfortable. Regardless, of the outcome I made it out of there without a panic attack because of his professionalism, demeanor and his calming voice. I was told I’d know something within 90 days.

  5. jeanida smith says:

    What a life saver. What an understanding judge. Just tell him the truth.

  6. CDH says:

    Was a very nice Judge. When I first filed a motion to skip the hearing and just get a decision based on the medical and other evidence, he denied the motion and then 3 weeks later he reversed the decision and amended my disability claim and approved it without a hearing. Upon reading his decision 2 weeks later I found that he is a very thorough Judge and very fair and intelligent. By him reversing his earlier order it showed me that he is a very Judicious person and Judge and he examines every aspect of your disability file and by his decision it saved me another 4 months of time that I would have waited on a hearing to arrive at the same conclusion after having waited already 11 months..

  7. An experienced attorney says:

    The judge is very well prepared, very polite, runs a good hearing, appears to have no “agenda” to deny or award. Know your medications! Does the initial questioning on background and work history, then lets attorney do the rest of the hearing. Appears to be a really nice person, but obviously from his approve-deny record, not going to award weak cases. Even though I’d love a “liberal” judge for my clients, at least give me a “conservative” who let’s you present the case and be a real and independent judge – not, as some do, regard themselves as the opposing side. I’d be happy to be in any courtroom – Judge Judy to the Supreme Court – with this jurist.

  8. RJ says:

    Judge Ballieu is a good guy, I went before him about a month ago and he was easy to talk to and was very professional with a smile.

  9. nofuture says:

    I think he’s very nice,but a lot of questions I didn’t know the answer to,like the names of all the medications that I have to take from all the.doctors.Its hard to remember all their names on the spur of the moment, so I had to say I don’t know.When I got home I read them all,and one was changed but I still take all the rest. The other questions I haven’t thought about because my life if such a struggle trying to find ways to survive and take care of my son. He’s a very nice man and looks too young to be a jud

  10. Anonymous says:

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