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  1. RICHIE says:

    i myself had the honor of haveing Judge Dorf hear my case.i a a man that had slways worked for everything i have received in my life.i was brought up in a family that fought from WW1 WW2 korea and my dad in service for vietnam in other words a proud family,that has tought all of our children if u study and work hard ,nomatter what ur job,there is never a job to low or made fun of as long at that person works shows hide pride.As a family we were all city dad died in the line of duty for the F.D.N.Y.THE point is that i was very ashamed of myself of haveing to apply for ssd ,i was a very hard thing to do being brought up in a tuff hard working GERMAN family that wold nevrer ask for help they would just get another job.Judge dorf is the fairest man i was there there is and smart.without looking at all his paper work he new all my dieses,all the side effects that it has caused me over the years,and i believe he new what my life has turned into after 30years fighting this CHRONES has truely cripled my life to lower myself to have to ask the Gov for help……MY MAIN POINT IS THAT JUDGE ROBERT DORF IS A GREAT AND FAIR JUDGE.

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