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  1. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion Judge Marcinkowski was polite & professional, however I did receive an unfavorable decision that outlined in description a totally different person than myself. The notice has described me at twice my real weight and almost two feet taller than my real height. And you say there’s an editing department where all the tee’s are crossed and the eyes are dotted. hmmmm, I don’t think that happened in my case. All I can say at this point is WOW!…..a lot of medical inconsistenties and omitted surgeries not in the notice neither. Makes me wonder what file were you looking at when making MY DECISION? This is causing an uproar like Ive never known. This Notice I received is basically a ticket to an appeal………………AGAIN!

  2. ms lebron says:

    Excellent judge, very smart, and understanding. he treat us in a very respectfull manner and Iam very grateful this was the judge assigned to my child case. very fair judge.I hope this judge is never replaced! we need more judges like him!

  3. Just a Rep says:

    Judge Robert D. Marcinkowski is a fair judge. Don’t expect a pat on the back. He’s all business and wants to start on time (this is a good thing). Be ready to go.

    Have a theory of your ase and be ready to explain it to the judge. You don;t need to recite the file, know the Listings or Grid Rule or the corect SSR that applies.

    Have your case up to date!!!

  4. Richard Withers says:

    We had a hearing with Judge Marcinkowski today. He is a very competent, knowledgeable and smart judge who knows the law and gets to the point. He understands medical evidence and obviously has a significant amount of experience in SSI matters.

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