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  1. Patricia says:

    I just had my hearing with Judge Robert Droker and I have no decision yet. But he seemed fair to me. His questions were relevant. I believe if you are honest he will give you a fair chance. Now the woman who described my past work history had no clue of what work is and she was arrogant. I am truly unable to work and of course I pray he awards me, but if not then next time I will ask for a hearing in person, so he can see for himself how I suffer. Before judging him, keep in mind how many people try to take advantage of the system.

  2. Nancy Clarke says:

    At my hearing in Jan, 2021 and in my 10 page “Unfavorable Decision” from Judge Robert Droker in Feb 2021, I was continually subjected to prejudicial & biased comments. Which I will contest & with which I shall proceed appropriately. I interpret he considers me an “entitled” woman and I quote “well educated, productive, well paying positions and never unemployed”. Another statement declared “she does not go to church”. How dare he sight anyones religious activities. I intend to pursue this assault on my character. The ten page letter contains innumerable inconsistencies on his part. He is obviously elderly, inept, displays little interest and I assume denies all those who have worked and put into the system. I have asked my Congressman to review his former cases and monitor his continuing cases. I am concerned for the people who give up on the decision of an unfair, arrogant judge. I have have filed an appeal. My Congressman has reviewed my case file and records and he is appalled after simply looking at the xray of my back. Judge Droker overruled the decision of the Advocate present. Is my pain different than the unfortunates roaming the streets? If denied, I will proceed to federal court with an outstanding & well informed attorney and hopefully the Judge will be rightfully reprimanded. I am heartbroken for those who cannot proceed with his unfortunate judgments. However, I will pursue this in my case and for the future of others whom the Judge will inevitably deny. I am certain Judge Droker never pursued nor looked at my file containing over 600 pages. Unprofessional, bored and biased.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would not consider this ALJ to be an average judge who pays claims that are supported by the record and denies ones that are not. He is an ALJ who routinely mischaracterizes and distorts testimony and treating source opinions.

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