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  1. Robert L. Wilkins says:

    My experience was nerve racking and I wish I hadn’t forgot so many small details of my case when I was asked to verbalize it for him in order of importance 1 being most important and so on down the line. I forgot to mention my sleep apnea altogether or the complications from it as it was way down the mental list and probably should of been much higher.
    I believe he was as thorough as can be when trying to gather information in a 90 to 100 minute meeting that so much information is being exchanged. My only hope is that the ALJ or Judge R. Gale thoroughly read my 4-5 inch thick paper file either before or after the hearing. Whatever the outcome I will not blame or be angry at a negative outcome as I thought he did what was asked of him protect SS from fraud and provide fair service to those that are truly in need of their benefits at a time other than their normal retirement age. Thank You Bob

  2. Barbara says:

    Judge Robert E Gale thank you and Maria sooooo much for helping me and my baby I can’t thank you guys enough, God bless you and again thank you.

  3. Jim says:

    He was fair and honest. Listened to what was said at hearing and obviously read through medical records to come to his decision. He seemed to be very thorough.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He was honest and fair in making a decision.

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