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  1. TSanders says:

    This was a fair and honest Judge he show real concern bout your situation it such a pleasure to have him for my case

  2. Kathy says:

    Judge: Robert Egan
    He is fair, very detailed through the process of making a decision on my case. He makes you feel comfortable through the process as well. she is compassionate and gives you the upmost respect as a person. He is awesome and I appreciate him.

  3. Kathy says:

    Judge: Robert Egan
    I appreciate him to the up most. He’s very clear to the point when explaining how he made his decision, very nice, laid back to a point he makes you feel comfortable. I have nothing bad to say about the judge, he’s awesome!!

  4. Kathleen says:

    No one can find the paper work from 2010 when I received a letter from judge Egan approved 100 percent. How and where can I get it. Someone help

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is true once he gets a notion in his head he’s stuck on that. Even after the vocational rehab expert said I wouldn’t be able to hold a job in my condition I was still denied. I have mental health and physical issues. He needs to retire.

  6. n/a says:

    ALJ Egan, once he gets a notion in his head, will not be dissuaded by the evidence. He gives far greater weight to his own gut rather than to treating sources. He wastes a lot of time pontificating on philosophy, while ignoring the evidence in the case. It is time for him to retire and allow a sharper mind to replace him.

  7. jbrooks says:

    Judge Egan is very fair and compassionate. We were so fortunate to have him! He shows great interest in someone’s profile and is encouraging.

  8. Joe says:

    Judge Egan saved my life and the future of my family. He asked question and looked at evidence that took into account ALL aspects of my inability to maintain gainful employment even though my injuries alone were enough. He spoke about all that our family has overcome, all that my wife endured, and why we have SSA. I left that court room with not only a positive judgment, but a healing as well. Judge Egan complimented all that I have paid into the system, all that I have done to overcome my disability. He understood how difficult it is for a person to go through. I am forever indebted. There may be flaws, but this is the greatest nation on earth because of leaders such as Judge Egan.

  9. twanna says:

    JudgeEgan seems very nice I. Hope he makes the right choice for daughter.we are waiting.

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