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  1. Susan Sero says:

    Wow I was really surprised to read a lot of those statements about the judge my opinion is, I thought he was fantastic he helped me a lot and seemed straight up to me sorry everybody else seemed to have had such a hard time with him, I thought he was awesome and I thank him for the help he did for me

  2. A Girl has no name says:

    He is a lying POS!!!! He ignores everything from your Dr, and any medical professional. He thinks himself God. He is sexist, racist and a narcissistic douche. He lied about everything, says the opposite of my doctors. The man is an ass!

  3. London says:

    I wish I could leave negative for this piece of shit, man lied in my records saying I go shopping for hours when I can’t even leave my own home and twisted everything I said. This man deserves a horrible life and continues to be a judge despite him obviously being senile if he can’t get anything you say right. Told the ssa i wasn’t following recommended treatment despite the fact I have literally tried everything. I hate this man and no one deserves his treatment. Said my symptoms were “alleged” if you’re reading this I hope you stub your toe every day

  4. Steven Robinson says:

    I have a hearing with in December with this judge. So I take it that it’s not going to go well? My last one didn’t go to good either because the Law Judge was a dick he interrupted me when I was trying to explain something. So I gather this one will be the same. Why the he’ll can’t they have any compassionate judges in this state. Oregon is the worst.

  5. Jane Doe says:

    Biases on the basis of Sex. Discrimination on the basis of Sex. The State Judiciary committee chairman should send in auditors . OIG, HHS and Federal Law enforcement officials need to peek in on tge abuser of power and Color of Law Violations. When the adjudicator is Biased against Females it show Not one review was a Man !

  6. Lisa says:

    Kristina Sackett…he still is in a bad mood sitting at home from comfort of his office during corona virus. Had a hearing today that did not go good. I cannot say enough about what a jerk he is…..

  7. Kristina Sackett says:

    The judge started out in a negative mood that shadowed the hearing. While I was approved, he removed 2 years off of my disability claim. The two years removed were the years that my Bipolar visor made it impossible for me to function. 2-4 days I could not get out of bed, days my husband stayed home from work because he was worried I would kill myself. The only conclusion I have is that This judge does not consider mental illness to be a real disease that can affect people’s lives. From my work as an ER nurse, From working the Thurston Shooting, To raising a son diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at 13, and having to have him taken to the ER in police restraints because his violent outburst broke his father’s nose and sprained my arm, I think I am very qualified to say that Bipolar disorder is a disease that is just as debilitating if not more that all of the blown out disc’s in my back.
    Thank you for listening.

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