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  1. Experienced Rep says:

    Very nice judge. Pleasantly surprised based on the reviews here. Very nice to the claimant and attorney. Fair judge.

  2. Tina Griffin says:

    Judge Freedman was a very thorough processor of information, both written and stated. He showed focused attention and interest in what I said in concern of my physical ability/disability, health, and work history, eventually leaving me with words of well wishes for my future. I appreciated his time in active listening to me, as well as his consideration of my continued condition. He absolutely despised my attorney’s attitude and practices, so made no attempts to disguise it, rather being clearly blunt about his outlook on him. Judge Freedman’s straight forward honest demeanor is refreshing, as it was revealing of the person representing me, as he evidentially knew him better than I. Judge Freedman also denied the Fee agreement by statute. He had my back! A BIG thanks to Judge Freedman.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This judge was rude every time he asked me a question he would talk over me and wouldn’t let me really talk he got on my lawyer for no reason his body language let me no I was denied before the hearing started these judges are racist and bias they aren’t trying to approve any one they are there to find a reason to say no that’s it SSA is so full of it they help people that don’t need it but when you really need the help they are here to say no..

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