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  1. Puddintain. Ask me again, I'll tell you the same. says:

    I’m Bipolar 1 and BPD and PTSD.

    I have high cholesterol, diabetes and COPD.

    Judge Gill said “There’s no need to consider the findings of “independent medical experts” which translated means MY doctors.

    He said because I drive, I’m not disabled.

    Isn’t that what a handicapped tag is for?

    I got shafted. It was intentional. Because I’m not a Fascist.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Appears to have a NEGATIVE issue with NON ATTORNEY representatives.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I need your help social security has been sucking pay from my disability since the moment you approved me please help me.
    They have sent me to a doctor she ask me why I cried as I spoke of my decapitated father , then asked me what red spelled. Week later a note side they reported insufficient information .
    They have done this to invade my life without sufficient report . Went to another doctor three months later nothing three days later a note for a hearing. Please help me please the lawyers will not help me until I lose my case . Alone no one will hear me

  4. jojo appy says:

    I wish he new the pain I suffer from daily it’s to the point of unbearable hoping medical marijuana places open soon nothing
    Works . He approved me at hearing and thank him for really knowing who deserves it. Went by what medical officer said and my medical reports. If I got denied I would of ended my life. For the scam artists out there i hope you lose. Your just making people like me to wait longer. god bless you judge GIll.

  5. Antonio Durso da Rocha says:

    Robert Gill is calm person,straighrforward,self-effacing reception for the claimant’s testimony.

  6. Luiz Puodzius says:

    Judge Gill is calm, straightforward, self-effacing reception for the claimant’s testimony, as well as his courteous and concerned demeanor towards claimant and myself, made all present feel at ease and able to most-effectively lay out the case before him as quickly as possible. The word “mensch” comes very much to mind.

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