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  1. Antuane Bonds says:

    Had to fax my medical record to the courts after doctors and lawyers started to tell me I have no medical evidence of my clams. That evidence made the judge decide in my favor as I asked him to note he is now being told my condition started in 2015 when I first seen him for my case in 2013. Lawyers picked that case up in 2011. Told the judge how he is just now seeing these records because I get denied appealing after I get told epilepsy/grandma seizures are not a disability. I also faxed the rules to physical and developmental disabilities along with my work history and medical records 2001-2024 fight for civil rights. he decided in my favor then got blocked by supreme court saying he made an error. I hear the guy I faxed the record to who put them on judges desk was fired.

  2. Derron Johnson says:

    Kidney faliure sarcodis tbi bi polar itp no disability let me add active kidney stones smh u b the judge this guy denied me hope u survive wat u got coming.

  3. Derron Johnson says:

    Very nice kind judge very polite and down to earth .

  4. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t received a decision yet but Judge Schwartz was very kind and considerate. He listened to everything I had to say and seemed to be very compassionate and professional.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very respectful during the hearing and attentive. Decisions are taking a long time to be made.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge took my medical files and completely disregarded them. In his expert medical opinion depression, hypothyroid disease, and hashimotos do not cause fatigue. In addition the 14 different medications I am on do not cause fatigue. My PTSD can simply be cured by getting a job. He believes that my not having health insurance and no income should not hold me back from getting medical attention. I agree but unfortunately I cannot find a doctor who thinks so. It took four months for him to say no. It will take a year for me to appeal his ridiculous decision. How am I supposed to survive? I hope he sleeps well at night knowing what he does to people. My nightmares and undiagnosed sleep apnea keep me awake all night long. Now I get to add the stress of being sick and penniless for another year.

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