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  1. Andy Saul says:

    Does not know whaf EDCS exclusion is, alleged onset, date last insured, weingarten rights, res judicata, and PII. Corrupt office completely mismanaged. He needs to be removed as well as all the corrupt untrained mamavement.

  2. Angelia Forester says:

    My time in front of Robert Iafe was brief,thought i had a case that was speaking for itself,so to speak..dont think he was fair in his discision, and i had my case sent to appeals and now ODAR has my case back, really hope to get all my information in this time..as i as trying to do this on my own, since i cant get anyone to help me becuz i didnt “work within a 5 yr period to have a regular ssi case, im told its for supplemental disability benefits…anyway, i contacted the ODAR office today and left a msg for them to call me asap, as i need them to get some more records since i have been in and out of the hospitals all yr..Please God let them see how miserable I am on a daily basis…and get this case approved..AMEN

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