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  1. Luke says:

    Oh well. Lost. Turn the heat off buckle down. At least 3 more years of animal living and soup kitchens. Wish I had the courage to end it. But I will reapply. This time with lawyer. What’s another couple years. Who needs money. F. Guess u can’t blame judge. Without a lawyer I was an easy no. But it was the same when I had a lawyer. I dunno.

  2. Luke D says:

    Not sure. I think he was my judge. My ICM never showed. I couldn’t find an attorney to work with me. My treatment was scattered. I was in special ed in high school. They said borderline personality back then and told my mom I’d never fit in or work.
    I’d say I did ok. I did work. But now I feel I’m out of steam. I cried the whole hearing. I’m a 6ft man so I looked pathetic. Embarrassing. I just hope I win. I’m literally starving some days. I was chronically homeless and mental according to city. So I get help w housing. But I can’t afford bills.
    I also have a drug use history. Like a chicken or egg scenario.
    Judge was really supportive. So much better than last time. The site says they made a decision. I hope it’s good .

  3. Arkeebal Harrison says:

    Judge Ryan gave me a fair hearing without an attorney regardless of what the decision is it was a fair hearing and that’s all we can ask for in this climate of trying to get approved for social security disability insurance.

  4. Matt says:

    At my SSA appeal hearing Judge Ryan was straightforward and respectful. He asked me a few questions and dutifully handled a somewhat contentious discussion between my attorney and the court-appointed social worker. I was more impressed with Judge Ryan than with my own somewhat disappointing counsel. A month after the hearing I received a judicial order to submit to a CE & Orthopedic Exam. Now two months since my hearing I was informed that a decision has been made and it is in the Decision Writing phase. I am thus anxiously waiting for a decision. And regardless of the decision, Judge Ryan did order a further medical test, rather than summarily dismissing my case. I am hopeful for a positive decision, but at least I take some comfort in believing that Judge Ryan at least has taken my case serious. Wish me luck! Lol.

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