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  1. Eryn says:

    Denied by this judge for a second time. The first time his reason for denying me was all about finances because my taxes had been filed incorrectly. I was told that if we had them corrected then that should clear everything up. Ended up having to spend money that we don’t have to get them corrected. Waited for over a year for my appeal & a new hearing only to be denied again. Somehow this time though he claims that I’m not disabled. He blatantly dismissed my doctor’s letter even calling his opinion into question. Last time I checked this judge’s credentials he doesn’t hold a medical degree. Honestly this ruling didn’t come as a surprise because I could tell from his demeanor that he had no intention of listening or understanding my medical condition. He also seemed to ask a lot of questions about my husband’s earnings & seemed to hold that against me too.

  2. Luke says:

    Oh well. Lost. Turn the heat off buckle down. At least 3 more years of animal living and soup kitchens. Wish I had the courage to end it. But I will reapply. This time with lawyer. What’s another couple years. Who needs money. F. Guess u can’t blame judge. Without a lawyer I was an easy no. But it was the same when I had a lawyer. I dunno.

  3. Luke D says:

    Not sure. I think he was my judge. My ICM never showed. I couldn’t find an attorney to work with me. My treatment was scattered. I was in special ed in high school. They said borderline personality back then and told my mom I’d never fit in or work.
    I’d say I did ok. I did work. But now I feel I’m out of steam. I cried the whole hearing. I’m a 6ft man so I looked pathetic. Embarrassing. I just hope I win. I’m literally starving some days. I was chronically homeless and mental according to city. So I get help w housing. But I can’t afford bills.
    I also have a drug use history. Like a chicken or egg scenario.
    Judge was really supportive. So much better than last time. The site says they made a decision. I hope it’s good .

  4. Arkeebal Harrison says:

    Judge Ryan gave me a fair hearing without an attorney regardless of what the decision is it was a fair hearing and that’s all we can ask for in this climate of trying to get approved for social security disability insurance.

  5. Matt says:

    At my SSA appeal hearing Judge Ryan was straightforward and respectful. He asked me a few questions and dutifully handled a somewhat contentious discussion between my attorney and the court-appointed social worker. I was more impressed with Judge Ryan than with my own somewhat disappointing counsel. A month after the hearing I received a judicial order to submit to a CE & Orthopedic Exam. Now two months since my hearing I was informed that a decision has been made and it is in the Decision Writing phase. I am thus anxiously waiting for a decision. And regardless of the decision, Judge Ryan did order a further medical test, rather than summarily dismissing my case. I am hopeful for a positive decision, but at least I take some comfort in believing that Judge Ryan at least has taken my case serious. Wish me luck! Lol.

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