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  1. Anonymous says:

    I did my hearing by video and i was very nervous but all went well this judge is great i listened to the advice and brought a witness and i had a fantastic lawyer dont do it alone get a lawyer. I had my hearing january 31st and got my fully favorable decsion today im am so happy and this judge treated me fair and was compassionate and liaten to every detail. Bring a witness and lawyer dont go alone before this judge or any judge thank judge maxwell for you decsion

  2. Anonymous says:

    Apparently all ALJ’s are liars. They probably hire the ones who would pull the legs off baby kittens. It appears the attorneys put forth little effort to win and just play a numbers game, get as many clients as possible and hope you get a 50% win rate which is about the average.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe the things this judge used against me. I can’t believe my denial has down that the VE said there were THOUSANDS of jobs available that I could do. I KNOW that was NOT said. At my hearing I know I was upset & nervous, but I would remember if the VE said THOUSANDS of jobs. My VE said NONE at my hearing. I trusted the system. I believed the position of a Judge is an honorable one. I just can’t believe the lies I am reading in my denial. My attorney is acting like she/he doesn’t want to touch my case anymore. I don’t understand. I really don’t. I felt secure in knowing I was telling the truth. PLEASE if you go before this Judge bring a witness. I have YEARS of records. I have more than one medical issue. I saw so many Drs. I tried so many things to feel better. I was in an abusive relationship for 9 1/2 years & did not work outside the home. Everything had to be perfect & our kids weren’t allowed to go to a sitters. Then I escaped & hid for 6 1/2 yrs while helping a widower raise his kid & mine. My lapse in working was never asked about but it was used against me. Sorry I may not have been making $ but I was WORKING! My BRAND new Dr who I only saw twice & didn’t even have my old records was used against me. She shouldn’t of even been asked anything. It says I sleep fine. Really? Then why was I sent for a sleep study & put on medication to help me stay awake? This was also not mentioned. The fact that my child had problems was mentioned in the denial. What does that have to do with my suffering everyday with pain? Everything that could be twisted & used against me was, but it was also everything he did not ask me anything about. Why would he not ask me about these things unless he planned ahead of time to use them against me? I have seen numerous specialist. Tried every drug imaginable & found no relief. I have a medication sensitivity which has put me in the ER because I couldn’t breath from a drug side effect already. More than once, I have spent WEEKS sick hoping a side effect would wear off & it would magically help me, but this was not mentioned in the denial. The way it is worded, it makes me look like I am lying & trying to play the system. I am upset I lost, but I am crushed at the way things were twisted & manipulated to make me look like a malingerer. I am shocked. I thought this was a good Judge. When I complained about what I couldn’t do, I was penalized for not concentrating on what I could do. When I tried to cope & was cheerful with my Drs it was made to appear like I had no problem. I had a totally different problem with a different Dr who could not treat the reason I applied, & because I told this Dr I was feeling fine, it was used against me. You don’t go to a psychiatrist to have a wart removed, so why would I have complained to this Dr about something that was not his specialty? PLEASE bring a witness with you when you go before this Judge. I trusted the system. I didn’t think I needed anyone to vouch for me, or what was said. I have so many records. For the 1st time in my life, I am doubting my own sanity & feel crazy. And I did not apply for a mental reason. I just can’t believe this could happen with a Judge. Everything I ever believed about the law & our system in now in question with me.

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