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  1. Ima Hongary says:

    He is an arrogant idiot. Rude and biased.

  2. P. Smith says:

    Judge Rideout was by far the most compassionate judge I have ever seen. He was more than fair and listened to me at the hearing. He treated me like a person and not a case number. I was approved so it was well worth the wait for my hearing. After reading horror stories about other Judges, meeting him was refreshing. He was so kind and respectful. I hope others have the same experience in court that I had.

  3. Blessed says:

    I had judge rideout on june 6 2016, HE actually treated me like a human being instead of a number. I feel like he truly take pride in his cases .and treated my situation with morals.and respect. Disability is a hard process, its design for people to give up.but god see’s everything.thats why i met judge rideout, now thats a true blessing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Every experience with Judge Robert Rideout has been a pleasure. He is extremely professional and consistent.

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