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  1. Anonymous says:

    Debilitating chronic migraines with aura, loss of speech, loss of understanding (not recognizing ppl I’ve known my entire life), partial paralysis, pounding headache, written material looks foreign so I can’t make sense of it and more just when the migraines hit. To add to that..anxiety, depression, distress…. Unfavorable!! 🙁 Now to sit & wait for an appeal. All because I have proper documentation but don’t go to the neurologist enough..because they can’t do anything so why run my insurance up?! Don’t know what to do anymore.. I’m sorry I’m not “old”, but I surely didn’t ask for these problems! Lost a few jobs due to absences from this junk. I just pray that the appeal doesn’t mean seeing this same judge again because he just doesn’t seem to listen or get it. I agree with the other comment… “Good luck”!

  2. Anonymous says:

    terrible experience. Judge Harvey already had his mind made up. Did not take in to account statements of my attending doctor or outside examiner only the ssd doctors. Even the vocational expert stated no jobs available. Did not matter to him. I am appealing but hear odds are not favorable even if it gets sent back to him, he doesn’t overturn his decision. Something needs to be done to have his cases examined and he gets removed. Contact your congressman and let’s stick together. Good luck every one!

  3. angry and frustrated says:

    Judge Harvey is not a fair judge and is very old school. He knew he was going to deny my case before I even walked in for the hearing. First, he went by the medical examine by their doctor that was 2 years prior to my hearing and since then, my condition CLEARLY got worse. Anyone who sees my arms and hands can see that I cannot function enough to hold a job to help my family. My lawyer didn’t help either by not having my spouse testify. After the hearing, she wanted my spouse to write a letter instead because she didnt like Judge Harvey’s demeanor. She never submitted the letter so I had no outside documentation witnessing my illness. Now we sit and appeal AGAIN. If it gets denied again, we have to re apply.

  4. Anonymous says:

    anyone in 2016 have any comments on this judge?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Worst Judge EVER! It doesn’t matter how much evidence you have, if he wants to deny you, he will. He is far too old to be doing this job and needs to step down or be removed.

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