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  1. bobby holley says:

    hello my name is bobby holley i currently went to court an had judge jackson jan 15 2018 at nine am . my hearing had me very nervous at first but i calm down once i starting talking. the judge was very understanding an asked me what were my limitations an asked me how does my condition affect my everyday life. he talked too my attorney about my conditions of my mental illness an my surgerys in the past. after my hearing i was told to wait 4to six weeks for a decision. as of june 19 2018 i can say thank god i was approved an the wait is over . i just wanted too say to anyone that goes too court too be very honiest an striat to the point let your case speak for itself . an as for the judge thank u for your time an hearing my case.

  2. jhon hamilton says:

    hello my name is john hamilton. this judge was really great an straight too the point an very compassionate to the claimant

  3. Ms.G says:

    I have been waiting since July 11th for a decision. Everytime my lawyer checks the status it’s still on the judges desk. Can anyone tell me how long does it take for him to give a decision..geesh. I’m losing everything! !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Jackson will literally wear out the claimant on postural and exertional limitations, so prepare well beforehand. Seems generally oriented toward the claimant. Not afraid to make a decision before all evidence is received.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I went before Judge Robert T. Jackson, Jr last year for my disability hearing and received a full favorable disabiltiy and soon after that I was told that my case was being reviewed. My biggest problem is that I have been trying to get my disability since August of 2007, I was unable to get it then last year after all this time I was told that they are reviwing what he did my issue is that how can you have someone doing a job then turn around and change your minds about his position. I am a single parent with a 14 year old son I have lost my home and car as a resolute of the going back and forth that I have been through during the last 4 years how can I get any help if you tie the judges hands when he makes a choice in giving a person there disability.

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