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  1. M.A.Kramer says:

    How can I get ahold of judge Flynn? Already posted a comment. People in NY where in still stranded are being u ethical and spa is trying to gene away my SSI and become the rep payee which I know is illegal … Being made to look homeless. Been gangstalked for 6 years with police brutality and everything stolen in Ky. No one will do the right thing? Entrapment and equivalent to human trafficking. Where my car is the guy is threatened to sell it with all sorts of evidence. Would end up killing me: foodstamps stolen and the fine is up to 8.1 million dollars and 550 yrs in jail APS Ny refuses to investigate . APS is threatening to discharge me to a shelter instead of resolving the issue of the past 6 years im not eligible for housing in NY state and have animals with me which is my right. A shelter is not an option it’s a 2 day bandaid fix for in stare residents. People have basically done the equivalent to human trafficking. Lawyers in my know what’s happening and refuse to deal with reality.,police tied me up and tazered my teeth out and burned my feet. bribg blocked from credible people. My phone stolen and only have free wifi temporarily. People said my mom is dead and I know she’s not. They told me 15 other people are dead that aren’t either: I e received letters to try to scare me. What will people’s cibsswyebses be??? Worse than murder 1. What the hell am u supposed to do??? I have 2 masters plus and intend to go back to vet school to get my DVM at Yale or Harvard. APS is part of a scam …..people don’t threatened to not do the right thing …. I have a copy of an appeal and they are lying saying the govr lost the paperwork which is crazy on their part: except i sent a copy to civil rights in Washington, D.C. And have. Copy too., what the ****????? M. A. Kramer AS, BA, MSS, LCSW, M.ED

  2. M. Anne Kramer,AS,BA, MSS, LCSW, M.ED says:

    I was granted SSI through Judge Flynn/ with my disability lawyer Lisa Clark. I am the beneficiary of my benefits. I have not had a problem with SSI until now..I’ve had identity theft, am a KY resident and traveling out of state. My car broke down and I am stuck in upstate NY. The ssa office and Adult protective services have been totally unethical! I am a licensed clinical social worker and teacher and know the laws! I know housing isn’t available through social services if you are an out of state resident. To become a state resident you have to transfer car license, registration, insurance which would cost me approx 1000.00 that I don’t have!!! I had cancer while living in KY lost my house I owned in Covington to move to Boone Co. It ended up being an absentee landlord scam. Everything I own was stolen. I know some of who’s involved. I went to do a formal complaint and police refused to take it/ said I had no rights, they refused to help me, and said if I didn’t do what they wanted I’d be arrested?? I have been gangstalked for 5 horrible years!!!! I was physically abused by police too: tied up in a metal chair and thrown on my face… Had teeth disintegrated laZer tazered out, Also feet burned.,??? I have photos.,I had Attorney Bob Lotz KY call me and say first time in 30 years I mistakenly gave your file to bad people??? Then his firm totally irresponsible?? Cincinnati police said Boone co is known for drugs and prostitution??? I’m not a part of it. Judge Tracy Wise doesn’t reside in Boone and Kenton co/ my bankruptcy wasn’t done properly in Covington/ Michael Plummer. All of these people are unavailable to correct any problem??? There are local people in Ohio and ky involved in gangstslking that are still hassling me!! I’m being made to look homeless. Some of my antiques are in Florence antique mall Bob Hills booth.,When I complained he’s unethical and attached to the police covering up the scam.,I paid for the rental through Sibcy Cline: proved it with receipts at legal aid: and their comment on Covington was ” they decided to pass you around?” What the ****?? Laws are being ignored: total disrespect!!! Some adult protective service worker showed up 3x’s without me initiating it, and not being a ny state resident with no intention of becoming one.,the office APS/ DSS rebesselaer co have been unethical violated my civil rights
    And broken laws… Trying to manipulate me to live in upstate NY??? Lisa Pettis adult protective services said to me while I was visiting a park ( not living there like she accused me of) that if I didn’t return to ky to get my mail from ssa that is loose my benefits????? How would she know thus? I explicitly said I was uncomfortable giving her any personal info. She behind my back with no intake, no signature, no contract etc after I complained about her to Troy’s ssa office… She applied to be my payee????? That is crazy, identity theft, crazy!!!! I don’t need any help managing money..All of a sudden instead of the Troy ny office taking my side they said there had to be a hearing????? Not if you already granted me SSI when I hired Lisa Clark as ny disability lawyer to akways represent me for accountability purposes!!! It took two years to see you with independent medical examiners etc . This process is not just negated by an underling without a judge/ and me being an out of state resident the entire thing shouldn’t be an issue!!! I went to call Florence ky office ssa to find they had a hearing without me there with no paperwork not knowing me,,behind my back, with wrongful accusations????? No way!!!!!!! I know the laws. The Troy ssa worker Jessica said for me not to cone back to the Troy office to deal with APS/DSS who’s the problem!!! This past summer I stayed in a pet friendly hotel and paid for it then went camping to save moved for my car repairs so money management isn’t my problem!!!Having a payee is not appropriate at all!!! The car repairs are expensive and I need the SSI direct deposited like it has been!!! How did Lisa Pettis get into my personal bank acct??? I contacted them and the FDIC to complain..she had no info.. Knowing my car is broken down for a ny adult protective services worker to say I have to return to ky to get my mail or my SSI will stop????? How would I get there?? A total manipulation!! How would she know about SSI and my mail from ky,,,???? A huge premeditated malicious manipulstion not to help but the total opposite to not resolve the Past 5 years of gangstslking police brutality as acknowledged by master commissioner and attorney Len Rowrkamp ky…..I also went to Albany Co, called Renesselaer co and Columbia co DSS this past summer they refused to help me….not a state resident. Waiting list 3-4 months and no pets.Now all of a sudden with me being a ky resident with car problems with no intention of living here the new manipulation is if I don’t tell Renesselaer co
    Where I’m going or living I can’t have my SSI money??? They are creating an undue hardship and being unlawful. I’m not accountable to out of state people!!!!! This is craziness!!!!! I
    Sent a bunch of emails all unanswered .. Then finally the email says before a hearing they will continue to give you SSI. Their newest unethical manipulation wrongly accusing me of being in Renesselaer co… Then involving other people more supervisors that aren’t addressing the situation!!???? Gangstslking duty to inform the big picture… Made to look homeless, 200 IQ quite capable of money management / they are making it impossible for me to get my car fixed…said the SSI money is in the govt.????? Unless I tell them whete I’m going for some other payee I can’t have my money back??? That is criminal and violates my civil rights and violates the contract already set up with you, and my disability lawyer!!!!i need you to intervene with SSI telling them u don’t need a payee won’t be manipulated to stay in ny state… I have no money because what I’ve been counting on they interfered with with none of my personal info or security questions to get into the SSI system!!! Major violations..!!! For an entire office in Troy NY to be acting so totally ignorantly with more people involved against my will equals a mega law suit to come!! I’ve complained to the inspector general, attorney general, federal trade commission, my disability lawyer’s office. My EBT and ky Medicaid have also been scammed by gangstalkers making it even worse..is reported this numerous times with no resolve? My old cell was stolen and a 2700 bill run up/ police unwilling to take a report or Verizon or equixfax or Transunion???? This effected my car insurance rates and these people have also falsified documents / car insurance with no NAIC #???? I wrote to the insurance commission and the bogus letters I got back said ” yes it is criminal and we aren’t doing anything about it?” I was hit by a fedx truck who left the scene of the accident without providing his commercial license? I called fedx and they couldn’t identity him??? Cops showed up after the fact and gave me a ticket??? Totally wrong!!!! More of the sane scapegoating?!
    Cancelled my insurance??? A ny police let me video him while he called dispatch and says my license was clear????? I’ve had unnecessary hassles . The SSI is urgent so is the gsngstalking! I need to find a powerful international lawyer my two expired passports were also stolen…… People from Canada I know are unfortunately Also involved I drove to the border as was denied the American Embassy/ that’s another huge violation …. The sabotage is equivalent to human trafficking… Trying to make me destitute????
    I need your intervention : know it wouldn’t be a problem if I don’t hear back with an immediate resolution this too was blocked!! I’ve tried to contact 42 credible people with no response??? There is no way that would happen!!! M.AnneKramer,AS,BA,MSS,LCSW,M.Ed. anniekramer@icloud.com
    Note my phone will be off by early next week…need

  3. Jessica Heckle says:

    I just completed my hearing today and I have to say, whatever the decision is, Judge Flynn truly comes across as a fair and compassionate judge. This entire process has been so nerve wracking, but I felt at ease and, most importantly, listened to. Especially since I haven’t been as fortunate to have as much therapy so far to deal with my anxiety and depression like I need to. So, regardless of the decision, I appreciate being treated with respect and compassion as this long journey winds to an end.

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