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  1. Woodrow says:

    My name is Woodrow Wilson you representing me in a disability case you stated to me if anyone tries to take any of my disability money give you a call find phone number 463 237 0 7 7 4 I live in Indianapolis Indiana 46226 my PO box 462074


    Does anyone have any reviews about Judge Gary Ball?

  3. John D. Tomlinson says:

    I truly feel sorry for anyone that gets this man Judge Robert W. Young, especially if you are black and a man.. No matter whats wrong with you short of being on your death bed, you don’t have anything coming.. In 2013 this judge had my case, and yes! He was very overbearing and down right nasty.. I believe he already had is mind made up, he basically called my doctor a liar, and said he did not believe him.. So along with a stupid law team and him as a judge i was denied.. But if you are really disabled and not just trying to beat the system, than don’t give up.. I found another legal team, Myler disability almost by accident, they are very professional, they call and check on you, send out emails and keep you up to date and informed.. They will not lie to you and tell you to be patient its going to be a long process.. They will take care of all the paperwork and make the process easy for you, because you have enough to worry about.. In April 2017 i went back to court and had a wonderful lawyer by my side.. My new judge was ALJ Janice Ulan, she was very professional and understanding, even when i become a little emotional because everything i was going through just become overwhelming, she was patient and allowed me time to regain my composer.. She was very fair, and compassionate.. I have been through a lot in the past seven years and have became very ill, she went by the evidence and listed to my Doctors.. None of the SS doctors had enough respect to even examine me and just decided to say no because they wanted to.. And she held them accountable for their actions, and did not find them credible.. She heard my case and gave me a fully favorable judgement.. I truly thank her for giving me back my life.. So dont give up keep fighting and GOD will see you through.. THANK YOU ALJ Ulan…..

  4. Ms B says:

    I had a ssi hearing with Judge Young in May 2016…i was very scared as i heard and read previously that this judge was a complete asshole and denies just about everyone…i suffer from severe anxiety disorder, PTSD, chronic depression, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel in both hands, hypothyroidism, cant lift anything over a few pounds, cant stand or sit for longer than 45 minutes without needing a break, i had 4 orthopecic surgeries in less than one year for rotator cuff tear, meniscus tear, carpal tunnel release( which didnt help), and 2 elbow surgeries on elbow fir severe tendonitis and a ligament tear…i take 5 different dression medications and one anti anxiety…the chronic fatigue is a nightmare and i suffer from cluster headaches that i use oxygen to relieve…im still waiting for a decision and my anxiety is really bad..i hope Judge Young approves my claim..

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