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  1. Bernie Shapiro says:

    True New York Gentleman, great dedicated lawyer, true jurist, whose intention and drive is to do the right thing. Over the long haul, this Judge has demonstrated that he is dutibound, consistent, fair, realistic and intuitive. This is the quality ALJ that the SSA needs to seek and be sure to have appointed. He properly demands that the attorney have a command of the case facts and be ready to present the case effectively, efficiently and politely, and he deserves the respect of having his expectation met every time. If the case deserves to win, it will win, and if it doesn’t immediately appear to be a “winner,” he’s willing to listen to the presentation and be impressed by evidence. And if the case isn’t proven, he’ll do the right thing there, and deny.

  2. Karren Bergland says:

    I have all the respect in the world for Judge Wright
    amd feel he has always been fair and accurate with his
    decisions here in the Northeast.
    Mu uncle Judge Steven Fleck was also a ALJ for many years,
    starting out in Pittsburgh and then relocating
    to Los Angeles.

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