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  1. angela fuentes says:

    I finally had my opportunity on Sept 6th, 2013 to appear in court in front of Judge Robin Henrie, I was terrified because I had read the reviews online about him. Although he has not made a decision on my case yet, I feel that he was very kind, he did not in any way belittle me, the questions he asked me were appropriate, he accommodated to my needs to make sure I was comfortable, and I appreciated that. So for anyone that has a hearing with Judge Henrie don’t get caught up with all of the negative things you read. Obviously the decision was not in their favor or they wouldn’t have anything negative to say right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting comments by the person on 03/21/13. I heartily agree there are many receiving Social security benefits that are able-bodied men and women who could be out in the work force. I personally am acquainted with more than a couple that lied their way into receiving money that they do not deserve. I am disgusted by them. Not only did they not pay into the system for years on end but also can be found golfing, do all sorts of physical chores and even taking vacations. That said, I greatly resent the post on the 21st which lumps everyone together that were denied benefits by Judge Henrie. I posted earlier about my husband’s efforts in trying to find something, anything he could do after his impairment. 3/21 poster, my husband and I have worked for over 35 years each, indeed I now work two jobs to make ends meet while we wait for help from Social Security. We have both paid into the system and you are right, we feel he should be granted disability; his poor physical condition prohibits him from finding any gainful employment. We have exhausted all avenues to help him find something he can do. I will not go into what his day is like living with constant pain, managing his many medications and trying to think outside the brain fog that surrounds him. Judge Henrie looked for ways to disqualify him even when 4 doctors independent of each other said he could not work, the State of Utah’s Rehabilitation Department said they could not retrain him for any gainful employment and a psychologist working with him also testified to his inability to re-enter the work place. Having an independent doctor’s opinion (one who had never seen my husband, mind you) count more than those that had been working with my husband for years is reprehensible. Suggesting absurd careers that had already been established as undoable by the experts who had had already testified was insulting and belittling to a man who sorely sought a way to provide for his family outside of government aid. We have both paid our dues for just such a catastrophic event in our lives but are now awaiting an appeal for something that should have already gone through. Your careless post on 03/21/13 was insulting and thoughtless.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing on March 6 2013. Judge Henrie listened with kindness to my situation. He asked me many questions regarding my disability. One of my disabilities was unique and was difficult to prove that I desreved disability. I have a lot of medical records dating back many years and a great lawyer by my side.

    Thank you Judge Henrie


  4. Anonymous says:

    Our country is stretched thin with entitlement programs and people that are upset about not getting money they feel “entitled” too are calling for this Judge’s impeachment and attacking him? Here’s an idea. Why don’t you see what jobs out there you can actually do whether than try to take advantage of the money that I pay in taxes. I see people on disability every day and see how this system is exploited by those that see themselves are vicitims and unable to help themselves. Give me a break!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Beware of Judge Robin Henrie. This man is openly a racist. His record reflects his hatred for Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and impoverished whites. His low approval ratings parallel anti-Semitic policies toward Jewish families in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. There is a myriad of complaints file with SSA concerning Judge Henrie. SSA has willfully failed to investigate one single complaint. As of this writing Rescue My Chosen People is engaged in a full blown investigation of Judge Robin Henrie.

    Thomas Cain,
    Rescue My Chosen People.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My husband went before this judge last year. He had greatly desired to return to work after a series of unfortunate events left him permanently disabled. Four different doctors who evaluated him independantly as we well as the vocational rehab specialists with whom he pleaded to be retrained all agreed he was severely disabled. At the hearing, Judge Henrie offered rediculous suggestions for possible jobs my husband might be able to do. The Rehab specialist said he could not do any of them. In the end, my husband was denied anyway. The judge gave heavy weight to the testimony of a doctor he had privately contacted to review my husband’s files. This doctor who had never seen my husband said he felt my husband was capable of working 6 hours a day. Very little weight was given to the testimony of those that had been working with my husband for the last several years. A shocking decision. Clearly this judge is not interested in justice, but only in denying as many cases as possible through wahtever means possible. Shame on Judge Henrie for these biased decisions. Shame on the doctor he holds in his back pocket that makes arbitrary medical decisions without ever seeing a patient. I am ashamed of the system that we have paid into all of our lives that has failed us in our time of need.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When My attorney found out that I had judge Henrie they dropped me like a hot potatoe the night before the hearing. I showed up alone and he walked all over me.
    He did ask if my attorney was there, what they might say. I wonder how we go about getting him impeached. He Really needs to go.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He has one of the lowest approval stats in the region, not just Utah. He is often reversed on appeal. If you are with him, you are in trouble. When the vocational expert says there are no jobs, the judge will start trying to find jobs.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Awful Man.

  10. paul armendariz says:

    The reason so many people are denied by judge henrie is that he overlooks personal dr opinions and only accepts social security paid dr.s. At my hearing the vocational expert AGREED with my lawyer that no job would be able to accomodate me based on my limitations. so afterwards i thought that would help me. WRONG! somehow judge henrie had the expert rescind his findings and even listed the very same jobs that he agreed i couldnt do at the hearing in my denial letter saying i could now do them! judge henrie i hope you know you have made me unable to pay for my medicine and my rent and my wife and children. im a dead man walking thanks to you.

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