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  1. BWG says:

    It was almost a 3 year process but I understand the protocol. Judge Winkleman was tough but fair. I know he has a job to do within guidelines. He sent me to his physicians to be examined. I received a favorable judgement. I had nothing to hide, I had all my medical records for past 10 years, etc….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible or adviseable to file a complaint to the Governor or State Senate if the judge does not allow you the opportunity to explain how your condition affects your ability to function
    despite years of medical evidence provided by surgeons and physicians?

  3. Lori Reedy says:

    It had been a long journey. I was denied disability. I found out a few months ago after 3+ yrs of waiting. I lie here this morning wondering why & what I could have done differently. My conclusion is I couldn’t do anything differently. I was honest & did my best despite how hard it was for me to be at my hearing.

    Judge Winkleman seems to be a good judge but the problem is he is not a medical specialist & when one has an uncommon & complicated condition, (one which he can’t possibly have any understanding of) it’s unfair for him to decide if you’re “worthy” to be compensated for your disability. I
    was declared disabled by 2 medical
    Drs (specialists) & the occupational
    Specialist assisting at the hearing. Judge Winkleman appeared as intelligent, understanding, & compassionate as the hearing began. Things changed quickly. He became assertive, disbelieving,
    & assuming. He wanted yes or no answers with no explanation-unless he specifically asked for one. I felt defeated-it’s so hard to try to give explanations as to how I feel or how I get through my days living with the chronic pain & other symptoms I’ve lived with for many years. I don’t even understand my disease how could Judge Winkleman even begin to understand. He asked questions such as; Are you able to dress yourself? Are you able to bathe yourself? Etc. I am able to do this & other things-doesn’t mean I’m able to hold a job. He asked about Facebook & how many friends I have. I had commented earlier in the hearing that I had no friends. Anyone who’s suffers with a disability knows that the FB connection is just another crutch to help ourselves to feel like a valued human being.

    Judge Winkleman denied my case & with that he denied me in so ways. He denied medical care (can’t afford treatment that may help), He denied me trust (trust in the system), he denied me security (abandoned by the system), he denied me self esteem (He didn’t believe me), he denied me equal status (feel like less of a person & extremely guilty), he denied me financial help (can’t work-my husband bears the load), he denied me peace (wondering what I did wrong), he denied me hope (I’m never going to get better).

    I believe that Judge Winkleman is a good judge & able to give good judgement awards in clear-cut cases such as disabilities dealing with Cancer, Stroke, Heart disease, etc. When disability cases are associated with invisible diseases, however, there has to be a better understanding & a much better system.

    I continue to struggle through my days. I really wish Judge Hinkleman was right & that I wasn’t disabled. I would give almost anything to live
    Without this burden & to be able
    To work & do the things he probably takes for granted.

    ( For anyone going through this process, I wish you all the luck in the world! Just as a word of precaution-you may want to delete or make private your FB account. Judge Winkleman seemed way to concerned about it. He asked multiple question pertaining to it. I believe wholeheartedly that he checked
    mine before my case, although this is forbidden. It is also unethical in my opinion. )

  4. Anonymous says:

    Homeless and mentally disabled and find out he is my judge. SSI has taken so many year’s and just to know by stats that I have a judge that shouldn’t be on the bench from Milwaukee to here, great I’m screwed and found out he has my case with the dire need letter. All doctor’s say no i cant butt he will deny me. New fiscal year is October, been woundering why i have no date, be the first denial on his next year. Heartless and ruthless is his track record. I don’t cate what people say about him just the stats and his decisions. He don’t even really care. The one’s he gives out he has to. Cant be 100 percent denial of every claim. Have be lucky. Sad time we live in with people like this who have power over you’re life and give a rat’s behind.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge discriminates abd don’t care. There are dire need letter he will get ahold of it to make you wait longer. He don’t care about what you say and you can work. Have 100 doctors say you can’t buy he will deny you, how is thus allowed? Why do we have puppets for judge’s? He’s one of them like 90 percent are. Sad

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Roger E. Winkelman has a reputation for being rather cold and unsympathetic, it appears he “cherry picked” on my medical records instead of concentrating on the latest x-rays and doctor notes. I feel very sorry for Judge Winkelman, his life seems to be a pitiful one.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Worst human being I have ever met. He kept getting my case mixed up with another one. He wouldn’t let me answer the questions. With medicine, it is not always a yes or no answer. How dare he treat me the way he did. A real piece of work! I accept the decision he made in the case, but I do not respect it or him. He should not be on the bench!

  8. bethany says:

    This Judge is unfair he does not take the correct amount of time to hear you in the hearing room I was rushed out and got a denial letter shorlty after he is rude he is the worst judge out there very unsympathetic and RUDE!!! he does not deserve that position not exactly sure how he got it …

  9. Anonymous says:

    Judge Winkelman is a fair judge. He puts the time in to review your case and make the correct decision. He spent over 45 minutes with me during hearing, asking me questions about my condition and confirming what was already noted by all my doctors.

    He is smart and compassionate. My feeling is… Judge Winkelman’s knowledge on different disabilities is great! And if you are truly disabled he can identify through your Dr. notes and by the questions he asks during hearing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This man should not be on the bench. See State of Michigan complaints.

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