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  1. Zila Hawkins says:

    Judge Winkelman was prepared for my case and already knew how he would rule because I had the evidence required to show that I was qualified.. Luckily I was very early for my appointment and was done half an hour before I was even supposed to be there. I did not have any issues with him at all. He seemed to be a nice man and was very professional.

  2. Narccissist Slayer says:

    Roger Winkleman treated me without professionalism, courtesy, or even an ounce of kindness. When asking questions that were not a simple yes or no, things that needed some explanation, he would interrupt me aggressively and demand a yes or a no. He asked me if I ever tried committing suicide, I said that I experience suicide ideation on a daily basis, he again violently interrupted and demanded a yes or a no. He asked about pretty irrelevant things like if I’m on Facebook or other social media(of which I’m not)how much time I spend on the internet and how much time I watch TV, how many friends do I have? None of those questions were listed on the paperwork sent about my hearing. I was triggered by his toxic masculinity and was moved to tears of despair, fear, panic and upset. When taking literally no more than 5 seconds to collect myself, he rushed me to answer him and said,” if you can’t collect yourself I’m happy to give you a later date to come back here.” I said no! I’ve waited over a year for this hearing, we are doing this today. At the end of it all, he asked if I had anything I’d like to say, to which I replied yes I have a written statement that I’d like to read on the record. He said ok. I got 2 words out and he again forcefully interrupted me and said that he didn’t want to hear it and that he’d take the paper and put it in my file. I said no, I want to read my statement! He said give it to me now, is there anything else you’d like to say? I said ( for the 3rd time)I’d like to read my statement. He denied me that right and that time which was for me, my disability hearing. My life depends on this! Roger E Winkelman is a ****** and **** man, he’s part of the white male privilege club. He makes over $170,000 annually and I’d be happy with $12,000 per year. ***** on him! There should be judges that oversee physical disability, and judges that only deal with mental disability. Roger has no idea about mental illness or PTSD. I’m sure he’s never imagined what it’s like to be be violently attacked and to have his physical and mental health deteriorate. I’m sure he’s never been fired from a job as a result of that circumstance either! We need humanity and compassion. This man has neither. Thumbs down Winkelman ****

  3. Anonymous says:

    This man is a heartless individual. Needs to be disbarred to say the least. Would prefer something much more physical but for him to get brought down to planet earth would be a start. Made my wife cry by bringing up all the activities she used to be able to do before she got so bad and continued to rub it in for 15 minutes. Ask if she needed to reschedule because he would love to continue these questions on a later date. What a waste of a chair. We need to do something about this heartless individual. Treating people like this is not what we want with our judicial system. Unexcusable. Please help us with this mission. People with ailments don’t need to be slammed, made fun of, disrespected, discarded, interrupted when trying to answer the question because they suffer from thinking fiction problems due to medication side effects. Your a heartless highly unqualified judge. Please quit before you mess with a family member of some one who won’t be so humble like me. When the majority of the people are begging for a change it’s a no brainer

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