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  1. Palmerton says:

    Really great judge. I was scared going in but he made me very comfortable. He was a really nice guy. I haven’t been approved or denied but either way he was a good listener and great judge in my opinion.

  2. Tammy says:

    I was scared to go before a judge I will admit.But he made me feel at ease from the time I walked in the room.It is our choice to go before a judge so we can not blame him for doing his job.He sees this stuff all day long you can’t expect him to be on everyone side.His job is to take into account what is presented in front of him and go from there.Just like we were at our jobs.I can’t stand negativity and bad mouthing someone to who is doing there job.It was our CHOICE to go before a judge.Dont blame him.We were well aware of what his job was before we ever entered his courtroom.Judge Reynolds was nothing but respectful to me.He asked the right questions and when I left there I got in the car and told my niece (who had driven me there)Whether he rules in my favor or not he was a really nice guy.Don’t blame the judge the choice was ours we were well awear that his ruling my not go in our favor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This Judge will only put in his own opinions, i had 6 Dr. Saying i wad Disable, and the Vocational Expert told the Judge 3 Times there was no work that i could do, and his favorite word is Lightly, because everything the Drs. said and the Vocational Expert said, he said he took there work Lightly, Like he a Professional Dr. or a Vocational Expert or Phy., he a Sorry Excuse for a Judge, i believe if you had Jesus Christ as your Lawyer he would take his word Lightly also and Deny you…and Judge Reynolds dont take this Lightly you are Low Down pathetic Judge, and to the ones that has to face this Judge, dont waste your Gas and Time, try and get another Judge…and there is no Rating for this Judge he is not even fit to be a Judge…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had a non disability case before judge Reynolds. The law involved was complicated outside his comfort zone. Nevertheless he tried. Very unprepared and unprofessional in his questioning, he only looks for clues to deny claims and ignores evidence that supports the claim and he cherry picks. His research of claim related information is incomplete and misleading. Makes things up in his decision that the claimant never said. This is a judge to avoid if you can, a disgrace for the judge profession community.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Signed up since 8/26/2010. Both my rotator cups, both shoulders, neck and lower back..
    GREAT PAINS. After a year and a month of wait from Rodger’s denial, Appeals Council Action states, ” We considered whether the Administrative Law Judge’s, Roger Reynolds, action, findings, or conclusion is contrary to the weight of evidence of record.” ” Given the already very restricted residual functional capacity finding by the Administrative Law Judge, we found that this information does not provide a basis for changing the Administrative Law Judge’s decision.” Once lawyers that knows him finds out it’s Roger Reynolds they will say that he approves no one and recommends to auto drop it and file a new claim but social security will not let you until this one is settled. That’s why I had no lawyer on court day. That’s bad when can’t get a lawyer to represent one just cause they know he DENIES everyone.

  6. charles w perrin jr says:

    very unfair judge was thrown from a car in 09 have problems focusing remembering feel unconnected and depressed high axiety.all from a head injury that still shows the side in my head has a big dent.i also have degenerated disk disease hard to stand and walk.and denied me because I use marijuana to forget about the pain and craziness in my head.all these old farts need to be put out of office.they need new blood people who understand the use and benefits of marijuana. oh well try again what don’t kill us makes us stronger.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can be extremely tough judge. Award rate probably lower than indicated because he occasionally issues closed period & amended onset date favorables. Real award rate probably closer to 20-25% and has no problem denying mentally ill claims with drug or alcohol history, and no problem denying middle aged claimants with failed lumbar fusions.

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