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  1. Andy Andersen says:

    It was very frusrating to have this judge, Was more concerned with talking than listening. Unprofessional, inaccurate and sloppy to detail

  2. Brad says:

    I had this judge in 2007. He Isa great judge of data and really looks through every single piece of information carefully. He does read every single page.

  3. Margaret Seamon says:

    I went before this person without an attorney. He was rude to me, would ask questions and not bother to listen to replies. HE LIED and he broke his own Court order. He actually said he thought I tried to commit suicide to receive benefits! He claimed all the years I worked: not enough. Out of 38 years of employment; I did not work 7. I sealed my fate when I answered those two remarks! He is a woman hater. He said I had a Napoleon person! And look who became a judge! I was disabled in 1999; worked full time until 2002. Thomas waited out 4 years, would not go back to starting date. I was owed about 30-40 dollars, never saw a penny. Plus, I was making $22,000.00 yearly when I had accident. Because he waited so long, I get $800.00 a month.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Before I read this site, I also found inaccuracies, omissions, wrong provider information & information exclusions to support denial. I have had significant increased stress with using my provider time to understand how the medical reference was referenced. It seems like there was deliberate disregard to social security guidelines. I want to believe it is an honest mistake, but he would know I won’t qualify to reapply again. Seems to feel families should bear the financial burden rather than the social security administration. Will use the same work history that gave you enough earning credits as a sword to deny you benefits. My hope is the situation can be remedied with providing additional information. If not, I guess it is why there is judicial review.

  5. I don't believe in the American dream anymore says:

    Has the lowest rate of approval of Minnesota Judges. He misrepresent the facts so that he can deny you. This man clearly believes that everyone is out to con the system. I have contacted my Dr who denies ever stating what this Judge said. He also used a retired Dr from St Cloud. Being Jewish I am concerned what this Doctor said as St Cloud is the most Anti Semitic city in Minnesota. I was doomed from the start. This judge should be impeached.

  6. Great Judge!! says:

    I totally disagree with the comments above. According to the numerous attorneys, he is well-known to be a tough judge to approve it. In my opinion, once he sees a claimant is really disabled, the judge is very nice and reasonable. He was very friendly to me during the hearing and made me very comfortable. I was very relax during the entire hearing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The corruption of the system and those involved and the inability of this Judge and I use this term loosely to execute his duties is astounding. I read some of the other comments posted and could not believe the similarities of what has recently happened with my wives hearing and subsequent “Unfavorable” findings. The double speak and and statements in the findings have so many errors its hard to believe that this judge still has a job, only a weatherman can make such errors and still be employed. This judge clearly put alot of thought into misrepresenting the facts of the case. The so called medical witness (MD) that provided testimony is not even qualified to testify with regards to my wife case. Our lawyer stated after the testimony was complete that if an MD is to compliant to support the claimant for approval, they are usually fired and no longer used to testify as it is the purpose of the system to do its best to deny any and all of the benefits the claimant is/are entitled to. I can only wonder how a they can live with there less than moral behavior. 2-1/2 years and counting, what a wonderful Government we have! I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to contribute over $850,000 to the Social Security Ponzi scheme.

    I rate the system and this judge a resounding negative 10 stars.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not a fan of him at all.

  9. What A Nightmare says:

    State of Minnesota Obstacles

    ♦ Up to two-thirds of SSI applicants drop out of the extensive approval process before getting to the hearing level.

    ♦ Minnesota is ranked 44th out of 50 states in the rate of people on SSI.

    ♦ In Minnesota, 57.6% of initial SSI claims are denied. Of all claimants who request reconsideration, 81.2% are denied.

    ♦ Total time from initial SSI application to hearing usually exceeds one year.

  10. What A Nightmare says:

    This judge’s track record is absolutely horrendous!! With no fault of his own, my brother in-law who lives with us will suffer the consequences of this judges decision for awhile!! We found this information out on this website just before my brother in-laws hearing. Judge Robert Thomas has the worst percentage for cases denied and 2nd worst for approvals. My brother in-law will now be added to this judges negative statistics. My brother in-law had extensive testing done by 3 separate Psychologist in the last 2 years for the mental disability he was born with. The results of 3 independent tests reached the same agreement that there was developmental cognitive disorder and other significant mental deficits that would make it extremely difficult for my brother in-law to work and hold a job. In conclusion this judge gave the opinion of other medical professionals significant weight and or great weight with their subjective comments. Some of these medical professionals had never seen, talked to or tested my brother in-law. The judge made his decision that my brother in-law was not disabled and denied him benefits. Some of the information we discovered when reading this judges decision was erroneous and not true. We were getting free, but horrible representation thru Chamberlin Edmonds. The attorney was supposed to arrive a 1/2 hour before the hearing to discuss my brother in-laws case. She was assigned to us just a week before the hearing. We had no previous contact with her until she arrived just moments before the hearing was due to start (1/2 hour late). We had 2 minutes of conversation with her and walked into the hearing room 5 minutes late. We plan to tell her she’s fired. We also plan to appeal the decision of this judge and get more qualified representation thru Midwest Disability.

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