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  1. Arthur Harris says:

    I had my hearing in June of 2018. I didn’t receive her decision until January of 2019! She denied my claim and according to my attorney, she did not review my serious medical condition! I am on so many drugs for psychosis, diabetes, severe arthritis, etc. How can I be expected to work when I can’t even get out the bed while on these medicines. I am also very sick and is in chronic pain everyday of my life. Not only that, she made a mistake on my age!. I am 52 but she showed my age as 50. She is a very poor Judge! Please cancel your appointment if you get this lady. She does not know what she is doing. Apparently, she needs disability because she does not know what she’s doing. Please RUN if you get this lady for your ALJ!

  2. John A Balint says:

    Judge Dancy this john balint u tried my case on the 16th of august and im steadily getting farther and farther in debt im about to loose my house is their anyway u can help the pending process speed up if i was denied or approved i could surely use the piece of mind of just knowing im sure i was approved but i can’t even pay one bill or get help and here comes another


    I think Judge Dancy did a very professional job. She asked me a lot of great questions. After which she asked the vocational counselor a lot of great questions. My only concern is that I don’t know how much longer I can wait for her decision. I am on the verge of being homeless because I can’t work. I lost my kids because I don’t have utilities in the delapitated house I currently live in. I am only trying to keep it so I don’t lose all the belongs my wife and kids hold so dear.

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