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  1. Jerry roberson says:

    I’ve had Robert Schwartz,Dianne flebbe,Susan zapf they didn’t take much into consideration although my mentall illness got worse I was to the point of doing something to put an end to everything I almost gave up but my final judge took alot into consideration the other 3 judges did nothing to help me one of them got 2 of my charges in criminal history one of them she said I told her I went to prison that was false I got probation on that charge.also I told her muscle relaxers made me dizzy she mentioned since my gabapentin did not make me dizzy also,taking remeron caused me to fall out of bed I fell off couch in my sleep sometimes I would not even wake up right away,since I’ve been abstinence from alcohol I have been out of legal trouble no criminal cases I made the mistake telling the judge I always went to jail under influence of alcohol this was Susan zapf I got so mad I did research I called her house at like 1am told her I had a bone to pick with her I was pissed but did not threaten her a few days later social security called and told me to stop calling the judges house I did..Dianne flebbe said I have not been in hospital mental ward for any mental health issues was not in mental institution since I applied not impatient at hospital for my physical problems was not on oxycodone shit why did she say just that many pain meds but no I wasn’t,my lawyer and vocational expert both told the judge I’d be impaired on concentration more than 20 percent of time my lawyer with dirty crooked face ask the vocational expert can Jerry get away with being off track 15 percentage the time she said I gotta be on track and focus 90 percent or more I was also guarantee to miss more than 1 days amonth that judge turned me down dianne flebbe,Robert Schwartz I was not really pissed at him but I was disppointed now romano scales actually pulled out alot of stuff in my mental and physical problems it blew my mind and shocked me she found me favorable usually average time for me the judges who turned me down 3 to 6 weeks romano scales was either bombarded with cases it took her almost 4 months to make a decision the wait was well worth it I can’t just say I recommend this judge to just anyone but now since I was found disabled I need to stay out of jail and prisons Iowa judges In criminal cases some make defendants who are disabled go to halfway houses who are on probation or go to prison or the parole board making prisoners parole to halfway houses who got disabilities then they lose their disbility checks because they worked in halfway house it’s a setup stay out of Iowa if you are involved in any gang activity it can be a reason to be turned down lots of stuff ruines your cases stay out of Iowa not gonna say it again anyways thanks to her I have a life again that will be all …

  2. Julie Brown says:

    Forgot to leave rating

  3. Julie Brown says:

    Waiting since March for a decision. Was living with my mom on her socal security and she passed away recently. Now I have no income and cannot work at all… please please need a positive decision very soon. Judge was very professional and seemed very fair. I pray every day I hear news soon.

  4. Attorney says:

    Had 4 hearings with this judge, she asks hypotheticals that all over the place. Asked about 7 different hypos on each hearing. Hard to tell how she will rule. Asks a lot of questions herself, lets attorney have 15 minutes to discuss the medical conditions and limitations.

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