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  1. Eugene R Smith says:

    I agree with depressed 1976. I had that same issue with judge lahners. I felt the same thing that he already had his mind made up when he walked into the court. He’s 90 years old. It’s time for him to step down.

  2. Depressed1976 says:

    I believe Judge Lahners is an older judge with older opinions and values. He needs to step down or retire.
    He asked me questions during my hearing that were tacky and rude and in no way did they pertain to my claim.

    In his letter to me that denied my claim, he repeated the same topics over and over again and did not consider all the evidence. He even said that state doctors that I was seeing were not credible. Isn’t SSD state or government owned? Is he referring to his own office as well.
    I believe he had “no” already in his mind as soon as the hearing began. Government services did not move very fast but his denial letter was typed and mailed to me withn 8 days of the hearing.
    I did not receive a fair hearing and it was prejudicial because I had a bad advocate at my first hearing and he cut the hearing short and said “to be continued.”
    My attorney had a steep hill to climb and as I said — and Judge Lahners had “no” in his mind as we progressed through the hearing. Shame on him. Please retire.

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