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  1. Chantel D James says:

    He was very nasty. He chewed my lawyer up and spit him out. I had no chance when I walked in. But people like him I pray for them. God will take care of me, when the government have judges like this making a mockery out of our disabilities.

  2. Anthony weston says:

    Mr Fleming made me feel calm not nervous..I stated my case an hope everything work out for me an my family.I just to thank him for having time to hear my case.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Had hearing March 5th…I found the judge to be very professional …pleasant and kind. I had to represent myself and I was nervous because I read he had somewhat of a low rating but i was honest and did the best i could. I ended receiving a bench decision…I left in tears…so glad this long fight is over

  4. lynette ramos says:

    he is the worst judge any one can so you know if you get him for a judge you already know that you are going to be denied if your skin is not white

  5. paul hoehn says:

    Evidence and supported documentation be damned. His rulings appears to be based on prejudice and vengeful pettiness. He is a consummate bureaucrat.

  6. Thought it would be fair says:

    He will twist med records that are in your favor and find one misplaced word and rule against you . If you get him as a judge you have 24% shot .

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