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  1. Anonymous says:

    i might add bringing someone’s dead mother into the picture is irrelevant and dispicable but since he had no relationship with his own mother i’m sure he just couldn’t relate to the bond between mother and child. he also lied about what Dr.s wrote in letters to him very disturbing. The truth will come out on appeal I’m sure. So Mr. Waldman not Judge like you prefer to be called on your high and mighty chair i know quite a bit about you as you think you know about me since we only live maybe two blocks away from one another i think you should have recused yourself from the begining bad bad judgement JUDGE!

  2. kathy says:

    wasn’t that surprised considering what i heard about him. He obviously does have a dislike and hatred for people with my illness fibromyalgia even with all the documentation from multiple multiple doctors like they don’t know what they are talking about. maybe not only that i have severe eye issues brain atropy with possible stoke severe anxiety unable to eat because of him most likely my digestive doctor has informed me or because of fibro or nerves maybe all three. this has deeply affected my family as they watch me suffer with this having to go through test after test all the time that i can’t even pay for and i hope he lives with making a bad decision for the rest of his life. If you have fibro just stay away from him he is nasty, sarcastic, and has no feelings for other people just remember he works for government making his 200 thousand or more a year not you.

  3. awful says:

    avoid him if you don’t want to become sicker

  4. Vic Fusco says:

    This is a kind and decent man, fair and objective, and very courteous to claimants.

    He doesn’t give away the bank, I found him completely thorough and objectie and made a probing search for the truth without every being accusatory.

    What a great Administrative Law Judge.

  5. a claimant's sister says:

    This is a judge who is aware of the fact that many who are applying for disability are acutally human beings with true medical problems. He looks at the facts of the case in a fair manner. However, he also connects with you on another personal level and I think, uses this to judge a person’s character. This judge and his actions and acute awareness of the meaning of justice restores my confidence in the goodness, nobility, and humility of humanity

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