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  1. Connie Banks says:

    This man should not be in charged of making life decisions for people unable to work . I was already drawing my disability when an old appeal came up in the system ( another government screw up ) so he said i should have not gotten it to begin with . Well I have had pins put in and fused together and have nerve damage and now a pain pump , so I think he should pay me since i cant even apply now because my time has expired and i would have been fine if he had not took it away .

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand how this man is allowed to mess with peoples lives. He is not fare and he is very rude. I have so many doctors stating that I can’t work and in his mind he says I can.. He said that I can do things when my doctors say I can’t. How dare anyone have this man still have a job!! Social Security should see how this man really is. Go sit in on a hearing Social Security and you will see how people are getting screwed over by him. I have earned all my credits by working all my life so I have put into Social Security for this reason— ( NOT ABLE TO WORK!!) The Government does not take care of us if they allow this to happen!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Terrible horrible person! He has no heart whatsoever. Horrible experience with this man. Shame on him!

  4. harmon says:

    I am waiting for a decision. I was born with asthma and have struggled with it all my short life. I’ve worked as a CNA mostly and due to that Ive done something to my right side neck, shoulder, arm and lower back because it hurts and spasms constantly. I wear a back brace now and get PT regularly. I also have mental problems and stomach problems that can cause an embarrassing scene. My asthma has gotten worse over the past 4 years, my mind is definitely not as sharp as it was. I have problems concentrating, remembering, counting, paying attention just to name a few. I wheeze constantly, need my rescue meds more often, and I am more limited in what I do. Strong smells, even food, cause me to wheeze. I’m so weak after a BM that I can’t get up from the toilet sometimes. Then once I do I need to rest for at least 20 mins. If I don’t get to the toilet in time I have no control, How embarrassing! I don’t line being in crowds or around a lot of people due to a childhood incident, and I also don’t drive. I take medicine for anxiety, depression, migraine/anti seizure, pain, high blood pressure, asthma and heartburn/GERD. I haven’t worked since Jan 2012. There was a rep at my hearing Roman office. I can’t remember exactly. Vocational I think. She did say something about me not being employee in a competitive job market because of my ailments and the amount of time is miss work caring for flare UPS and exacerbations. Not sure of het exact words. I just hope that the judge will remember those words and knows that not everyone is looking for some lazy way out. I’ve honestly tried to work. Been laid off many times or just had to quit for not being able to handle the workload or surroundings. If I could be working I’d be doing it. I loved being a CNA. I miss it so much.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have had the worst 4 years of my life with ongoing medical and mental problems,,i even have a friend typing this for me since i get all confused sometimes,,,i have lost everything i have from not being able to work and cry myself to sleep often when i think of what else i could loose..this judge has denied me SSI and made it sound like i was able to work a 8 hour shift with no problem,,,i have not worked now for 24 months and there is no way ill be able to,,,i have fibromyalgia, a slipped disc c-4 c-5,,l-4 l-5,,i have both rotator cuff tears,bursitis ,tendinitis,COPD,and yet when he sent me to one of their doctors in lexington they reported there was nothing wrong with my shoulders but yet 3 weeks later i was having surgery on my right one and told i needed the left one done as soon as posible,,i just found out last week i have full blown carpal-tunnel in both hands and nerve damage in my left arm..the doctor who did this rest said i needed to have my legs done as well for she thinks there could be a problem there as well. I hate to think i would have to draw a check for the rest of my life and not be able to live the life that i so much enjoyed,,,but to have him dismis me as though i was a liar goes toooo far…i wish this man could walk just one day in my shoes,,then he would see he was not at fair,,

  6. Anonymous says:

    How on earth is this joker an ALJ? Obviously anti-claimant to the extreme, something needs to be done to remove him from his position. Bad human being.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Another denier judge. His agenda is obvious: send them all to the McDonalds job fair and if they don’t get hired, they’re lazy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This judge is completely unfair. I feel for anyone who has to deal with him because you basically have no chance. You will not be given a fair trial and do not be surprised if you are accused of being a deadbeat because you have medical problems. Do not be relieved if you happen to get an honest report from one of his scheduled consultations because if he does not like what is said in your report, he will find someone, paid by them, to say there is nothing wrong. People should be aware of this judge. Anyone who has a 24% approval rate should be looked into. There are not that many people in the state who will fight that hard and go through all of this crap to get a measley 6-700 dollars a month unless they desperately need it.

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