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  1. Marie Frazier says:

    After ignoring my doctor’s report – I pray the Lord rains vengance upon this judge for his wrong doing toward people who have worked hard, in my case 40 years, paid into Social Security and then developed medical issues that prevent them from working. What does it take for this judge to see the light for people who are in need and do qualify? Again, I’m leaving it up to the Lord to take care of being done wrong by him.

  2. Michael Joe fuller says:

    Dear judge reeves, I had a hearing Jan 5th for my disability and I got denied. Just wanted you to know that I wasn’t properly represented.. The Lawer I had didn’t have all of my dr’s papers stating that I could not work. I’m about to have one of my toes taken off due to my diabetes . Along with all the other stuff I have wrong with I really can’t work. I would if I could. I’m about to lose everything I’ve got. I really wish you would reconsider my case. I need help. Please help me. Thanks, Michael j fuller.

  3. Anonymous says:

    no stars intimidating acts like your a criminal for being disabled very unprofessionL did not even give me (CLAiment) the opportunity to express my disabilities was very ugly and mean to me and my representative. did not want to here how medications affected my work ability(s). HE said should have been included in restrictions by doctors report. medicine affects people diferent and the cautions are on the bottle. However, i wa not given the opportunity to tell how they affected me. i was never asked how my pain and other conditions affected my dAILY LIVING. ( which is tremendous) no work history or what i thought I may be able to do was discussed. (other than brief assumptions) Restrictions and limittations were asked of me,even though they should all have been shown in fCE and medical records. I do not know what the Drs. said I only know whAT I can and can’t do. THIS judge has some anger issues or other problems ……. maybe he should apply for disability because he is not fairly and rightiously doing his job…..There are problems concerning this judge and his job duties and dealing with people 4/05/2012

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