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  1. Shelia Beasley says:

    These reviews are very scary and I hope that he is not biased for social security , let me just say I’ve been through this before with a judge that checked my criminal record which is against the rules but anyway I had a simple shoplifting charge pending and later dismissed but without knowing the facts he stated if I could shoplift , that I could work , he didn’t consider my medical records or my medications , and gave me a medium work rfc , saying he thinks I was capable of building houses , and lifting 50lbs regularly, well this time I lawyered up from the start , and my attorneys are great and have said they think I will be approved at the ALJ level , I rec my notice of hearing and have Ronald Sweeda , if he is truly fair then I have overwhelming evidence both from the very doctors that social security DDS sent me to , my physical doctor gave me restrictions on everything from walking to sitting , a 10lb lifting limit and weakness in all 4 limbs a 2 out of a possible 5 now remember this was the doctor they DDS sent me to also the psych reported that I was limited in decis making and couldn’t get along with supervisor or coworkers and diagnosed me with bipolar 1 , but get this , the DDS denied me saying there was some other work I could do in the national economy but failed to mention what , nor did they mention anything about an RFC or anything about what theyre psycologist said about my limitations, I think personally that only cancer patients get approved at the intial or reconsideration level , it’s fixed up like that and they bitch and complain about cases being backed up at the ALJ level , gee I wonder why ! And now I am noticing a big drop in approvals by all ALJ’s it’s got to be politically motivated , these biased ALJ’s need to be investigated like that show undercover boss , maybe they need to send in a person with medical records showing enough for approval and see just what ALJ’s need to be removed .

  2. Somebody says:

    I have been before Judge Sweda twice. He walked into the room and I’m positive he had already made his decision prior to my hearings. When he denied me the first time, I filed an appeal. My case then was reviews by a Judge in Elizabeth City and he said Sweda got it wrong! He said Judge Sweda should have granted me my disability. At that point that Federal Judge decided to send my case back in front of Judge Sweda so he could correct his decision. Well Swed didn’t reverse his decision! He went against the appealic Judge!! He called me a drug addict several times! During this time my father died from liver cancer. To honor my father by getting a small tattoo on my shoulder. Judge Sweda said if I could get a tattoo I could work! I broke down crying and he said that was an act! Judge Sweda is arrogant, rude, and a pompous ***! I’ve now been granted my disability by a Federal Judge! When I get my settlement and start receiving my benefits I want to tell Judgr Sweda in person to **** ** ************* ***!!!

  3. Derrick Randall says:

    I had my hearing with judge Sweeda yesterday and found him to be a very serious and stern which I have no problem with. He was very curteyous and made sure I understood totally what he was saying and doing. Judge Sweeda treated me with respect and dignity through out the whole process; I applaud his leadership!

  4. George Yarbrough says:

    I had my hearing today before Judge Sweeda. although I do not think I will win my case,I feel he conducted himself as a professional. I appreciated that I was treated with respect,dignity and compassion.

  5. Katherine Clark says:

    I went in front of this judge on March of 2014. He came in with obvious bias about my disability from the beginning and nothing was going to change his mind. He focused on questions that had nothing to do with my disability. He was very rude, intimidating, and condescending. Many of the things he said in the hearing were incorrect, but I did not get a proper chance to defend them. He dismissed everything that I said, my doctors said, and even the vocational expert in his denial letter to me. There were so many false statements in the denial letter that I cannot even count them. He gave very limited weight to all of the people I mentioned above except for doctors on the Disability Determination Board who never even saw me. He even listed doctors in my denial letter saying they had seen me, but I never even heard of them. I was advised by my attorney that there was no use appealing because it would take over a year and probably just go back to him. Since his opinion was the only one that mattered in my case, even above my doctors, why would he ever change his mind. My attorney said there would have to be legal errors to even be considered for appeal, and that appeals rarely win. I was told it was better to file an entirely new claim after three years since my first claim so as not to wait a year to be denied an appeal, just to have to file again then anyway. My doctor even had to write a rather scathing letter to Judge Sweeda, as his comments about my doctor were so incorrect and liable. It was the most awful experience I have ever had. I am going to new attorneys because I do have a good case I have been told to have my closed file reopened for General Bias, among many other things including provable mistakes by my medical records and the hearing transcript itself. I just warn you to beware of these things if you get him as your judge. Good luck!

  6. Ashley D. Lloyd says:

    I received my hearing date letter in the mail today. I am very hopeful. I probably should not have read these reviews because they are frightening. I will have judge Sweeda and I have read both good and bad reviews. He has one of the highest denial rates listed on this page however I feel if I am truthful and show him how my RA really affects my life that he will approve my case. I was born with this disease and always said I would never go on disability but that is not always was God has planned for us I guess. Good Luck to those of you going through the same things and I pray that Judge Sweeda truly hears me and is understanding. I am nervous but ready to speak my case and hope for the best.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing on Oct.19,2012 with Judge Sweeda.He was very professional.He made sure that I understood everything that was said.That was 5 weeks ago and I am still waiting for a decision.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very firm,serious, and Professional. He took everything in account for my disability at 58 years old. Awarded me my SSDI in 15 minutes!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Has he transfered to the North Charleston,SC ODAR ? Hope not..He sounds like a real JERK

  10. Jennifer Scales says:

    I went in front of this judge on may 11th of this year 2012. I felt very intimidated by him from the minute i walked in the door. I felt he was rude and fake. I also felt it was inappropriate of him to say to me “so I hear you are in a new relationship” and “are you on the internet” and are you on facebook?” i felt very violated to say the least. i felt those questions were too personal. I also feel that he overlooked alot of aspects in my case. such as the fact that i failed my psychiatric examination. I feel that he did not give that enough consideration. I filed for my second appeal and i hope to NOT have him as a judge again.

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