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  1. Steve Harper says:

    I had my hearing today , and all my medical records were put into evidence , Judge Sweeda was very professional and nice , he found me disabled via the GRID rules because I had medical records supporting DDD in my cervical spine that caused radiculpy which supported a 10lb lifting limit , and also there was a diagnosis of emphysema and shortness of breath supporting a sedentary work exertion and being over age 50 I was found disabled , so I say that Judge Sweeda was thorough in looking at my medical problems and he was correct in his use of the grid rules and I give him an A+ review and thank him for ending this 2 year fight I’ve had with SSA , my personal opinion is that DDS is the problem with the system , they deny claims that should be approved, they are trained for 1 year to deny cases and use the term claims can still perform some type of work in the national economy, something needs to be done about this before the the system becomes unfixable due to the backlog of appealed claims is too many and overloads the system , maybe it needs to be brought to the attention of President Biden .

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