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  1. God aka Stephen allen Nielsen jr... says:

    7 yrs ago this man changed my life. Thank you. 63% higher than average perceptual capable on the state administered iq test. Someone better contact me soon…

  2. Derek says:

    This judge had the nerve to tell us he’s in a hurry we need to move this along. Then because I didn’t get up and take a break nor did I interrupt the court, he used this against me in the report and said that I wasn’t in that much pain since I didn’t get up to leave the room and I just sat in the chair the whole time. Judge Ronald Jordan, sounds like you set me up for failure and you based your decision on this? You make people feel like their hindering you and you need to get this done as fast as possible. Due to my good nature I suffered in pain a setting there in order to help you move the hearing along. Then you twist that against me? Your something else Jodge Jordan. I’ll post your report so people can see the words that were used describing this incident. Hope you feel good about yourself while your making $172k a year probably.

  3. SS Atty says:

    He is a fairly laid back and personable ALJ. Don’t always agree with his decisions, but he does not have an agenda and tries to do the right thing. You will get a fair hearing before him.

  4. Linda Gibson says:

    I went before Judge Jordan, and I found him to be very human and he understood my nervous ramblings, and he seemed to understand the pain I was in, I haven’t heard one way or the other about my case, I just pray that I do hear something soon. It is very hard not knowing if I will be able to get the help I need, or If I will be just another homeless individual living under a bridge, because Ive lost the ability to use my arms and legs effectively, and no one will hire me. I pray that I can come back on here and have a positive outcome to my case, so far Judge Jordan gets the highest mark for his ability to empathize with my life situation. I will be back to confirm his 5 star rating or to change it. Staying hopeful, you do the same.

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