4.5 based on 2 reviews


  1. SS Atty says:

    He is a fairly laid back and personable ALJ. Don’t always agree with his decisions, but he does not have an agenda and tries to do the right thing. You will get a fair hearing before him.

  2. Linda Gibson says:

    I went before Judge Jordan, and I found him to be very human and he understood my nervous ramblings, and he seemed to understand the pain I was in, I haven’t heard one way or the other about my case, I just pray that I do hear something soon. It is very hard not knowing if I will be able to get the help I need, or If I will be just another homeless individual living under a bridge, because Ive lost the ability to use my arms and legs effectively, and no one will hire me. I pray that I can come back on here and have a positive outcome to my case, so far Judge Jordan gets the highest mark for his ability to empathize with my life situation. I will be back to confirm his 5 star rating or to change it. Staying hopeful, you do the same.

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