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  1. Julie Hannon says:

    It is not a given nor a privilege but it is
    Awarded based on one issue the medical record of evidence.

    But I want to explain how it is in reality. The length of time a person is under care of a doctor that certify
    That because of a medically determined disease or condition of illness that prevents the ordinary function of vital organs causing medically determined disability .
    Over a continuous one year period of time or greater
    Then substantial gain activity or work
    Total amount of work credits
    Have to be more then 40 credits to qualify
    And you have to of been employed in the past 5 years
    For your primary insurance to not end
    There has to be a medical record of evidence that reflects a medically determined impairment causing the disability .
    Before your primary insurance end date .
    Then if they process it expeditiously
    You have to hope that they didnt archive your file
    Then it comes down to this

    It really dont matter what your doctor
    Writes about on your disability
    You could even be considered encapacitated by all means
    Disabled by definition of the word
    The doctor certify it
    You follow doctors orders and dont get any work to support yourself windup homeless on street living in POVERTY because no cash income
    And the opinion of the agents at the social security administration and
    There bosses. Have the opinion that you can still work although you cant do your ordinary work you can do some work of some kind .
    The decision they make from there opinion of you medically carry more weight then the doctor that diagnosed you
    The decision unfavorable
    And your life ruined because you believed the doctor of who’s care your under

    Then if you are just physically disabled you are years proving your extent of disability
    But if it is a mental defect claim

    You get approved extraordinarily quick
    Get your back pay
    Get housed and a check every month

    I worked 30 years
    Our on drs order for 10 years

  2. Robert Dailey says:

  3. Robert Dailey says:

    Had my hearing yesterday. Judge Fuller sets a comfortable tone in her court. I was nervous all morning until the start of the hearing. Judge Fuller was very pleasant & made me feel much more at ease. She listened to everything I had to say. Very professional and courteous. Hearing was over quickly & she was kind enough to tell me immediately that she intends to approve my case instead of making me wait for an official decision letter to come in the mail in 4-6 weeks.
    This world would be a better place if there were more people like her. Also she is very easy on the eyes. Thank you judge Fuller it was a pleasure to meet you. My deepest thanks for your help.
    Very sincerely,
    Robert Dailey.

  4. worried spouse says:

    Hello. My wife had a hearing before an ALJ last week. She was told it would be 30-90 days or longer before a decision is made. This is a huge problem because she suffers from severe depression which is well documented by her treating doctor for over 2 years, a evaluation done by a psychologist working for the Dept. of Education here and a IME which she paid for. All of them say she has a variety of problems and cannot handle a work environment. She is 57. Now all she does is lie in bed and falls asleep while watching TV, wakes up again and goes back to sleep. This goes on 24 hours a day. She does not get out of bed except to go to the bathroom. She hardly eats anything. I am worried that she is going to get physically ill from this potentially very very long wait for a decision. She told me if she does not get SSDI she will kill herself because she cant work and wont have any money. She hasnt worked in 4 years after getting fired from job after job due to her inability to remember things and lack of concentration among other things. She finally sought help through our County health clinic and has been going there for 2 years. I make a little above minimum wage and it has been very difficult for us to live. Is there any way on earth to find out if she is going to be approved or disapproved in a short time? Any answers to this?

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