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  1. Anthony pryor says:

    This system is corrupt

  2. GJL says:

    I was prepared for the decision of my hearing to be against me, assuming it was a fair and impartial process.

    During this COVID pandemic all administrative law judges were sent a memo that they should be lenient with delays related to the pandemic and, indeed, due to office closures and repeated mail problems I was not able to submit documents assigning my representative until days before the hearing. Only after he obtained access to the file did he find that a full year of evidence was missing.

    Despite the memo, the judge denied my representative’s request for evidence submission to remain open for 30 days after the hearing, instead imposing a 21-day period.

    During the hearing, even though I wasn’t claiming a physical disability, the judge drilled me on whether server mounting I performed every 1-2 months did in fact exceed 50 pounds. A quick Google search will show a Dell 2U rack-mount server weighs 65 pounds.

    My hearing was on May 5, 2021, so I was awfully surprised when my representative phoned me on May 20 to tell me the judge had issued a decision against me, when not only had THE JUDGE’S OWN 21-day window not yet expired, but all my missing evidence hadn’t yet been submitted by providers.

    This demonstrated to me that the decision resulting from my hearing was predetermined, or the hearing was purely theater, or both. The judge was more interested in quibbling with me over irrelevant facts of computer server weights during the hearing than in waiting for, much less considering, the evidence.

    By the way, judges are graded by how quickly they clear their dockets. I don’t know whether or not they teach courses on “conflict of interest” in law school, but they certainly didn’t teach it to whomever instituted this system of merit.

    This judge had no interest in hearing the evidence of my case before issuing a decision, and why would he? I should spend less time worrying about my mental disability and inability to support myself and instead be happy I was able to help a judge further his career.

    Your Honor.

  3. I also think the judge Roy LaRoche is Is also wrong for judging my case I had the same thing happened to me my lawyer Postponed the case.He did not like this judge either. But I still wound up with him again. He only asked me a few short questions and that was it and he asked me did I had applied for SSI and I said yes then I knew right away I had lost my case. He only gave me SSI and stead of SSDI. My disabilities are Parkinson’s, COPD, anxiety disorder, a fib, and I have muscle spasms in my back which are very hurtful when I work or at least try to work. I can only stand up for about 10 minutes before my back starts to hurt did he listen no he did not. And we were in the middle of a pandemic where everyone was losing their jobs so how the hell was I supposed to get a job and what was I going to do nothing I cannot do you anything I have a hard time just getting out of the bathtub.I lose my balance because of my Parkinson’s And I have fallen a couple of times.And my doctor also told me I could have gotten over sun exposure because my skin is so thin that I bruise very easily.And I also have scars all over my body to where my skin just breaks and does not heal properly just by hitting something very easily or bumping into a door cause me to Bruise very easily. And all of this was going on during a pandemic of course he did not care, And this is all on telephone no Video or no TV just the phone because They would not allow me to come up there because of the COVID-19. I should be getting my full disability right now instead of some lousy $794 I wish I was back at work at least I made $800 a week instead of a month that is bull crap. I guess they change the law a few years ago that they only go back 10 years I think they should go back all the way I could used to be. My daughter even sent a letter they sent to her and she returned it explaining all of the problems that I had. I remember telling her that I finally applied for disability and she told me I should’ve done it 10 years ago. I’ve had bad anxiety We’re almost my whole life because I think I had gotten it from my mother she had it very bad. And she also had heart problems which she died from at the early age of 49 and now I am 59 that’s sucks being without your mother. I don’t want any sympathy I just want to have what I am entitled to.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Totally 100% worst judge I’ve ever had the dis pleasure of meeting!! Doesn’t go by DOCUMENTED MEDICAL RECORDS & FACTS!! I had his decision over turned by appeals committee and remanded back to court – because he was clearly wrong in his decision, but somehow he managed to get my case again – which I was told by a few attorneys should NOT have happened!! Once again – IGNORED the MEDICAL FACTS in front of his face and denied me again!! Have to file with appeals committee AGAIN. I DID NOT ASK FOR MY MEDICAL CONDITIONS!!! I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE BACK AT WORK MAKING MUCH MORE $$$$ THAN I’LL RECEIVE FROM DISABILITY……I HOPE YOU ENJOY SITTING ON YOUR THRONE DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES…….I’M NOT STOPPING……….

  5. Darral Napper says:

    This was the first hearing I had ever participated in. I was asked very few medical questions, I was asked 0 follow up questions. I thought it strange but who is there to ask?
    When I recieved the decision it became apparent why I was asked so few questions. Judge Laroche never bothered to review my medical history. He didn’t review before my hearing, he didn’t review before his decision. He had decided my case before I ever stepped in the room.
    There are several issues he stated are not in evidence which is absolutely incorrect.
    I would think someone who chooses a position like he has would at the very least do his due diligence. I can see very clearly he did not. He can sit in comfort knowing he is only destroying poor people who have no recourse.

    Judge LaRoche, I hope for your sake when you meet your maker you are prepared to answer for the people and families you have destroyed.
    It is one thing to sit in judgement when you have reviewed all relevent facts. It is different when you sit in judgement and can’t be bothered to care.

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