1. Anonymous says:

    Totally 100% worst judge I’ve ever had the dis pleasure of meeting!! Doesn’t go by DOCUMENTED MEDICAL RECORDS & FACTS!! I had his decision over turned by appeals committee and remanded back to court – because he was clearly wrong in his decision, but somehow he managed to get my case again – which I was told by a few attorneys should NOT have happened!! Once again – IGNORED the MEDICAL FACTS in front of his face and denied me again!! Have to file with appeals committee AGAIN. I DID NOT ASK FOR MY MEDICAL CONDITIONS!!! I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE BACK AT WORK MAKING MUCH MORE $$$$ THAN I’LL RECEIVE FROM DISABILITY……I HOPE YOU ENJOY SITTING ON YOUR THRONE DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES…….I’M NOT STOPPING……….

  2. Darral Napper says:

    This was the first hearing I had ever participated in. I was asked very few medical questions, I was asked 0 follow up questions. I thought it strange but who is there to ask?
    When I recieved the decision it became apparent why I was asked so few questions. Judge Laroche never bothered to review my medical history. He didn’t review before my hearing, he didn’t review before his decision. He had decided my case before I ever stepped in the room.
    There are several issues he stated are not in evidence which is absolutely incorrect.
    I would think someone who chooses a position like he has would at the very least do his due diligence. I can see very clearly he did not. He can sit in comfort knowing he is only destroying poor people who have no recourse.

    Judge LaRoche, I hope for your sake when you meet your maker you are prepared to answer for the people and families you have destroyed.
    It is one thing to sit in judgement when you have reviewed all relevent facts. It is different when you sit in judgement and can’t be bothered to care.

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