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  1. Gerber says:

    Blacks approval rates very low due to the fact this man is a racist individual he need to be investigated along with Cam Oetter and Catherine Harper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Lewis is a very nice and caring man. He listens well and goes over your case.

  3. Santana Davis says:

    Judge Russell Lewis, shows that their are still good people in this world, he listens to u and he doesn’t just brush u off some people actually do care and I thank him for taking the time out to hear my case

  4. Anonymous says:

    Russell Lewis, Cam Oetter, Catherine Harper These 3 is headed to****. lying on their decision .(messing with peoples lives) with the Lies, Lies, Lies

  5. Donovan Scott says:

    I had a hearing before Judge Lewis in December 2015. He was nice, caring and a great listener. No decision has been made in my case yet but I feel from his tone and attitude that he is a great judge of character. I truly feel he understood my disabilities and will be fair in his decision.

  6. kizzy mable says:

    Hi, Judge Russell Lewis was very caring, nice and fair he is a very good listener cause when you is having health issue sometimes you need that someone to see what you really going through that cares beside your doctors.
    I really didn’t understand when he ask me what I like to do? Or what I do in my daily days routine. I apologize cause I” stated read which I don’t cause after taken over 10 medication a day I cant do anything but sleep. Maybe watch a little t,v that all. The med makes me sleep, confuse a bit and drowsy so I lay down at least 4-5 times daily.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fair, reasonable, personable, transparent.

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